Mighty Morphin Power Rangers V2 #1

He looks like he’s going to tickle them to death.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1

Like Street Sharks, there was no indication that this was a continuation of a previous miniseries except for a “II” next to the issue number, which is more than Archie did. The publishing credits tell you nothing.

Hamilton Comics (June, 1995)

COLORIST: Summer Hinton
EDITORS: John Clark & Gary Leach
“While The Cat’s Away”
WRITER: Donald D. Markstein
ARTISTS: John Heebink & Aaron McClellan
“Unstoppable Force!”
WRITER: Nat Gertler
ARTIST: Sparky Moore

In the first story Zedd and Goldar leave to deal with a situation in another part of Zedd’s empire, so Squatt and Baboo decide to make a monster. And despite a lack of intelligence it can absorb any attack…except the terrible milkshakes from when Bulk and Skull tried to fix Ernie’s machine.

What they got right: Interesting that Squatt and Baboo of all villains, the comic relief flunkies, created a monster that had a good chance of winning. Markstein does a good job getting the Bulk & Skull bit into the main story.

What they got wrong: So how did the awful milkshakes cause the creature to…I think it just got electrified and vaporized. It makes no sense.

In the back-up story, Rocky is teaching Tommy about jujitsu when a monster that is rubber band thin but with huge hands arrives in full giant form. It’s almost a match for the ThunderMegaZord until Tommy remembers how Rocky tripped up Bulk earlier and uses the same trick to send the monster over a cliff.

What they got right: Everything in the first part, although you might think Zedd learned something from the last story’s monsters since they share some elements. It’s nice to see that Markstein isn’t the only writer who did their homework when it comes to Power Rangers.

What they got wrong: Mister Fister? Yes, he has giant fists but that’s a terrible name. And they did get one thing wrong. While this comic never puts the Tigerzord in robot mode Tommy shouldn’t be in the cockpit of the ThunderMegaZord. He should still be in the Tigerzord that we see.

Recommendation: I don’t know why they couldn’t have just continued as an ongoing but it’s a good return with two writers who mostly know their Power Rangers. A good one for fans to track down.

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