Felix The Cat wrestling special

“Hey, this is a no-smoking arena!”

Felix Cat-a-strophic Wrestling Spectacular

Felix Comics (2000)

WRITERS/ARTISTS: Don Oriolo, Vic Scarpelli, Scott McRae, Dan Parent, Robert Wettauw, Jr, Pete Fitzgerald, Rick Hedden, & Jenn Henning (and no, I don’t know who did what; this is how they’re credited)
COVER ART: Robert & Scott
ART DIRECTOR: Jay Thompson
STAFF: Annie Conner, Mike Oriolo, Lauren Nichols, & Kathy Walsh
EDITOR: Scott McRae

Three tales in this one, plus a short interview with Sgt. Slaughter. All three stories follow the wrestling theme, which is good to see. I’ve seen anthologies that drop the theme before the book is out. Note that outside of seeing the movie and numerous reviews of the movie I haven’t really followed Felix or the other characters.

“A Grapple A Day Keeps The Professor At Bay” has the Professor convincing Felix The Cat that he wants to take him and his friends Kitty (I think she’s Felix’s girlfriend) and Skiddoo (a mouse) to the opera. Instead he finds himself in a multidimensional wrestling match run by Master Cylinder that the Professor bet on Felix…to lose. Of course Felix wins.  I admit, I’m having trouble figuring out if the Professor and his brood are Felix’s enemies or not but it’s a fun little story.

After the Sgt. Slaughter interview “The Professor’s Tips For Winning At Wresting–Scientifically (of course)” has the Professor trying to cheat at wrestling with his robot suit and going after “The Masked Granny”…and he still loses. Two pages, still fun.

“The Cat N The Mat” has Felix’s two nephews talking Felix back in the ring to win a cash prize if he can stay in the ring. A lot of chaos happens when the wrestler is Rock Bottom, the Professor’s flunky. Then Master Cylinder shows up trying to take Felix’s bag of tricks (despite ignoring it in the first story–I sense a lack of consistency) and chaos reigns from there, including Skiddoo parodying Sting (the “Crow” outfit years) calling himself “Stink”. Felix ultimately wins, though. This is more a parody of wrestling, including hosts Tony Jabroni and Johnny “The Torso” Vantno. It’s my favorite of the three because more happens in it.

This was a good comic, but I don’t know who to recommend it to. I guess if you’re a fan of both pro wrestling and Felix The Cat or want something for your wrestling-loving kid. (There’s even fan art by kids in the comic.)

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