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BW Media Spotlight is the first project I’ve done that lasted six years, unless you count school (13 years, including kindergarten) or the job that dropped me (after 20 years among three owners, admittedly my current record). Every year I like to look back and see what some of my best reviews and commentaries were, adding my “video articles” in recent years. It’s a way to remind me of some of my stronger topics, and maybe get some readers to look back at my work.

Up there is Spawn, the topic of my first ever post, showing that just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s terrible. (Not explaining why I hate it was a mistake, mind you.) Since then my writing has (hopefully) improved as I continue to examine the art of storytelling, with the goal of making me a better storyteller and finding more, really cool stories, plus exploring the ones I already enjoy (and some I don’t). Here’s a year’s worth of some of my best work.

  • Pokémon Wars: Transformers:  A fanfic I wrote in the early days of my departed Transformers fansite, which veers way off-course from the Pokémon TV show. I admit I don’t think it’s very good, but it’s one of the first stories I’ve dropped onto the internet.
  • The Difference Between Aunt May And A Dog: In which I use fellow RUer Rowdy C. Moore’s off-hand comment to explain why fans called for Aunt May to die over the Spider-Marriage in the One More Day fiasco.
  • Content ID And You: In the past I defended YouTube’s need to protect copyright, but the new system they launched went too far.
  • Christmas Video Review: The Life & Adventures Of Santa Claus: My annual Christmas special review, with another take on Santa’s origin story.
  • Captain Yuletide #2: The art may be rushed, and the comic was still a year and a day late, but before this year’s comic familiarize yourself with last year’s.
  • The Furman Files: The Plight Of Arcee: While I hate the Neo-Knights the worst thing Furman has done is his horrible treatment of the female Autobot Arcee. One of them is insulting to actual people.
  • Redefining “Violent” Games: Another commentary on the attack on “violent video games”, pointing out the correct comments by both sides of the debate.
  • Nostalgia Versus Modern Writers: Hollywood and comics are not bringing back or updating our childhood favorites. They’re just giving us namesakes.
  • Internet Spotlight: The Many Works of JewWario: Earlier this year Justin Carmichael’s demons did him in, just as Robin Williams’ did later in the year. While others talked about the man I only knew his works and posted some of his best. He is still missed in the reviewing community and his close friends and family.
  • Grabbing The Wrong Coloring Pencil:  Another comment by a video reviewer led to me responding. This one is the continuous debate about race, changes from comic to movie adaptation, and fan nitpicks versus racism.
  • BW Vs. Eric Stephenson’s Speech (Part 1|Part 2): Image publisher Eric Stephenson gave a speech at ComicPRO, a gathering of comic retailers, that raised the ire of comics fans. It took me two articles to go over stuff I agreed and disagreed with.
  • In Which I’m Forced To Discuss Wonder Girl’s Wonderbra: Another example of a controversial cover that needs to be answered by a man so nobody calls for a rape session. I thought we wanted to be with women. What happened, fellow geeks? Go read Fanboy. You’ve lost your way.

That’s the first half of the year, and enough reading to hold you until tomorrow.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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