Star Wars Blu-Ray complete

Today the new teaser (not a full trailer) for the first Star Wars movie with no input from George Lucas, The Force Awakens, dropped onto the internet. It’s just a teaser but there is so much riding on this. Will J.J. Abrams makes fans want Lucas back or will this be the movie that “saves” the franchise, at the cost of the Expanded Universe?

So why shouldn’t I join the party? Let’s watch the trailer teaser and see how well it teases.

First off, I’m hearing that folks aren’t happy to see the black man pop up in the Stormtrooper armor. I’m thinking (not having read the comments in question) that it could be due to everyone expecting Stormtroopers to be clones, like the…Clone…Troopers…kind of in the name, isn’t it? In my head I hear them will all the same voice, but it’s possible that for whatever reason the Empire ditched the clones in favor of hiring people (or perhaps forcing them into service). It doesn’t bother me. It’s tougher to have an army of Jango Fetts in live-action with an aging actor that it was in The Clone Wars, where they could give them different personalities right down to their own haircuts or other features. Imagine Temuera Morrison having to redo the same scene a few hundred times wearing different makeup each time. That would be a chore.

What else do we see? The Millennium Falcon shows up in a typical J.J. Abrams action shot (and I’m not sure the Falcon is able to make that kind of turn in atmosphere where gravity is now a factor) and an admittedly cool shot of X-Wing Fighters jetting across the water. Then there’s that lightsaber. Many of people have made fun of the lightsaber. I’ve seen people compare it to a broadsword but the “blade” looks thinner, more like a rapier…with two smaller light blades popping out of the side at a 90 degree angle. It makes it look like an upside-down cross, but I’m sure that’s only a coincidence. It’s still a really lame design. What’s the point of having those things? I’m all in favor of tailored lightsabers for each user. Darth Maul had the coolest lightsaber ever because it was more of a lance or bo staff. Someone edited a picture of Vader holding one, only with a better angle.

That looks a little less dangerous to the holder and more to the Jedi on the other end.

Apparently we’re also going to have more with the Jedi/Sith conflict, or at least that’s the only story we’re getting. It’s a teaser so I don’t expect the full plot (or with modern trailers the important parts of the story) but I hope there’s enough for the non-Force users to do. I wonder if someone is trying to revive the Empire or if they’re at least following the EU’s idea that the Empire still exists as a shade of it’s former self…but then who’s in charge? Palpatine disbanded the Senate and put everything under his authority. And the New Republic was built on the center of Empire power, Coruscant. Maybe that will be explained, too?

I’m not sure if this really shows “Star Wars is back“, as I’ve seen people tweet. It looks decent, but we don’t know anything about the story. Remember, the Prequels looked beautiful, too. Then people started talking. Besides, we haven’t see the real stars of the franchise yet.

The only reason to see the prequels.

The only reason to see the prequels.

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