Fury Of Firestorm #58

I don’t know. I once knew this guy with terrible body odor.

Fury Of Firestorm #58

DC Comics (April, 1987)

WRITER: John Ostrander
PENCILER: Joe Brozowski
INKER: Pablo Marcos
COLORIST: Nansi Hoolahan
no editor credited

Bored during the events of Legends, Darkseid Manipulates events to create the Parasite in the post-Crisis DC Universe. He ends up draining people in STAR Labs, but when Firehawk intervenes to save her father he drains her powers and her memories, learning about Firestorm. He decides to pursue the Nuclear Man, forcing Ronnie to leave Doreen hanging again. She follows him and only see him meeting with Martin, not seeing them fuse after losing sight of them. While Firestorm puts up a decent fight, Parasite is able to drain his powers, leaving Ronnie and Martin un-fused and at his mercy!

What they got right: I like seeing Firehawk again. Parasite makes a good enemy for Firestorm.

What they got wrong: Now when Parasite drains someone they turn into skeletons, except for our heroes, who just end up powerless and unconscious. Also, why is Parasite being brought back to the DCU in Firestorm’s comic when he’s traditionally a Superman villain. Did Ostrander forget which comic he was writing?

Other notes: This is more of a question since I’m missing issues but at what point did Loraine find out Ronnie was Firestorm (or at least half of Firestorm)? She knows his real name and talks about unfinished business with him (thinking she’ll try to go to his college after being kicked out of another one) and even admits he’s younger than she is. But when did she find out the truth?

Recommendation: Ostrander doesn’t have the same tone as usual writer and co-creator Gerry Conway but it isn’t a bad story. Give it a look.

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