Last week we saw Godzilla take out two of the giant aliens hunting him. This week the King Of The Monsters is back, only this time, he’s actually working with one of the hunters. See, the US military was infiltrated by one of Godzilla’s old alien foes, the Simians from Black Hole Planet 3, in a rare appearance of one of the non-kaiju that the Big G had to put up with. And now they have control of the hunter aliens’ ship and the All-Terraintula, a mechanical vehicle version of Kumonga that, in an earlier issue, stole some of Godzilla’s energy while shooting cadmium into his gut, cutting off his fire. You don’t steal from Godzilla, either.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Ghost” round 10

The Battlefield: Godzilla #8 (Dark Horse; January, 1996) “Target: Godzilla” part 4

The Promoters: Arthur Adams (writer/breakdowns), Mike Wolfer (penciler), Brian Garvey (inker of these pages), numerous possible colorists, and Clem Robins (letterer)

The Black Hole Aliens just destroyed the rookie hunter’s captain and he’s not happy about it. (The rookie, that is–the captain is busy being dead and all)

FNF Ghost 10a


This is a gift Godzilla is happy to receive. There’s a score to settle with this thing.

Aww, he just wanted to give it a hug.

Aww, he just wanted to give it a hug.

So now Godzilla’s got his fire back, while Take, Kate, and the lady Dianni took out the shields of the Simian-stolen spacecraft. Time for Godzilla to say goodbye to his old friends.

"Maniacs...blew it up" yada yada

“Maniacs…blew it up” yada yada

And so once again the day is saved. The city is trashed, but the day is saved.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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