Sometimes, when you specialize, you can be the best. The Flash is faster than Superman, not surprising since speed is all the Flash has. So what happens when Batman, whose most famous weapon is probably his Batarangs, bat-shaped boomerangs, goes up against someone whose whole gimmick is the boomerang?

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Ghost” round 11

The Battlefield: Firestorm Annual #5 (DC; 1987) “Ground Zero”

The Promoters: John Ostrander (writer), Joe Brozewski (penciler), Alfredo Alcala (inker), Shelley Eiber (colorist) and Duncan Andrews (letterer)

Long story short, heroes and villains are fighting, with the heroes unaware that the villains are part of a project called Suicide Squad. Naturally one paring would end up being Batman and Captain Boomerang. This will be short.

Batman is a sore loser.

Batman is a sore loser.

I’m curious to see who Spacebooger gives the winner title to on this one.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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