Legends Of The Dark Claw

This is sadly the best fusion of the Amalgams.

Legend Of The Dark Claw

Amalgam (DC; April, 1996)

“Through A Glass Darkly”
WRITER: Larry Hama
PENCILER: Jim Balent
INKER: Ray McCarthy
COLORIST: Pat Garrahy
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Jordan B. Gorfinkel
EDITOR: Denny O’Neil

Dark Claw has his hands full with Hyena playing more games with our dark hero. His day gets worse when Carol Danvers, alias Huntress, finds out Logan’s true identity, and Swallow (Dark Claw’s sidekick) doesn’t like her very much. However, it will take all three of them to stop Hyena from killing the President.

What they got right: We’ll get to the individual amalgamations in a moment, but somehow this fusion of Batman and Wolverine works so well it’s scary, especially when you know how much I hate Wolverine. The characters work together really well.

What they got wrong: What did Swallow have against Huntress? She outright hates the woman to the point that it has to be more than Carol magically stumbling into every aspect of Logan/Dark Claw’s life.

  • Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine): Maybe it’s because I only have this and the DCAU-style comic from the second Amalgam set to go on, but for a guy who hates Wolverine I rather enjoyed this version. The cape is long enough to give Spawn envy but Batman’s was just as silly in the 90s as well. This is a better fusion than Bruce Wayne: Agent of SHIELD, and the other elements on display here work as well. I wonder why he’s a famous painter in this version though. I don’t remember that being part of either character.
  • Sparrow (Jubilee/Robin): An interesting fusion since her component characters were starting up a romance before the amalgamation happened. She’s easily my favorite character in the bunch, even though I still don’t understand what her problem was with Carol.
  • Huntress (Huntress (duh)/Ms. Marvel): I wonder if there was some disconnect among the creators as to whom they were giving the “Huntress” name to (see the aforementioned Bruce Wayne comic). She seems more like Black Widow when you think about it; rogue spy lady that kicks butt (I think..we don’t get to see her fight).
  • Hyena (Joker/Sabretooth, with Creed’s last name being Quinn): Who’d have thought Joker and Sabretooth could merge this well. In actuality there’s probably more of Sabretooth than the Joker but there are hints of Mr. J in there that works.

Would I buy the series: Despite my intense dislike of Wolverine and the 90s take on Batman something about this amalgamation works quite well. I might consider it.

Recommendation: This was a great example of the Amalgam Comics game done right. It didn’t try to amalgamate everything it could fit and just focused on what would make a good story rather than taking all the nods possible. This is one I would highly recommend.

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