Batman annual #15

Cassandra’s still in the next cell.

Batman Annual #15

DC Comics (1991, part of the Armageddon 2001 event)

“The Last Batman Story”
WRITER: Alan Grant
INKER: Steve Leialoha
COLORIST: Adrienne Roy
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Dennis O’Neil

Waverider makes his first visit to Batman, disguising himself as a mugging victim (the muggers supply themselves) to draw the Dark Knight out. At the time, Batman is having doubt as to how long he can fight this war on crime. In the future Waverider sees, Someone has been bumping off Batman’s rogues gallery, with evidence pointing to him. He’s innocent, but when he tries to stop Penguin during a crime the bird ends up falling to his death. So he turns himself in, facing the death penalty and ignoring both Jim Gordon. future senator Tim Drake (who quit being Robin) and Warden Snood’s attempts to get him to fight back and clear his name.  Then the Joker calls. Getting himself declared sane (thanks to doctors the Penguin paid off) and becoming a talk show host where he plays pranks on the guests, he’s actually still quite mad and lets slip proof that he was the one who had Penguin and the others killed.(The others were to hide Penguin’s death when he started blackmailing the Joker.)

Catwoman, trying to prove his innocence, meets Joker’s new flunkies, mutated baboons named Art and Dan. They kill Catwoman and Batman finally accepts help escaping from Anarky to prove the Joker framed him. Tim puts on the Robin costume one last time and the duo, while too late to save Catwoman from the baboons, find the prove to clear Batman. Batman, however, confronts the Joker, who dies by accidental electrocution. In the present, Batman senses what Waverider did and learns the story of Monarch, but Waverider assures him that he is not Monarch (which will last until the next annual) and that “the line of your life runs true”, giving Batman reassurance that he isn’t going to lose this war just yet.

What they got right: This is a good possible future for Batman and crew. Tim’s quitting made sense as presented. Batman really would be as hard on himself as he is the criminals he fights. Sadly, I also see the Joker getting a talk/prank show. Alfred gets a robo-butler that resembles Alfred’s early character model in the comics. Killer Croc is shown wrestling two guys in Batman and Robin costumes until Catwoman kicks his butt as her investigation (which, just like 90s Batman, usually involves beating guys up until the talk). When the Ventriloquist is killed there’s even a blade stuck in Mr. Scarface.

What they got wrong: The too-high bat-ears on Bruce’s cowl are bad enough, but Catwoman’s ears look like bat-ears.

Recommendation: A decent 2001 tale that’s worth checking out. By the way, I found an annotated collection of this event so I can put the few comics I have into proper order (assuming he’s in proper order, our old friend Gary from Crisis On Earth Prime). So that will fix that error for the rest of this set of reviews.


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