History of Power Rangers 2

I’m not ready to get my review on full force. Most of the comics this week (except for Secret Wars II, Furman’s Transformers, and Marvel’s Power Rangers being potential exceptions…okay, definite in Furman’s case) are going to be good ones. But if it’s negativity you want, Operation Overdrive is the right place for it. The reason Wild Force is least favorite Power Rangers show is that great potential was chipped away by an unnecessary dip into Captain Planet territory. In the case of Operation Overdrive, however, the great potential was sucked out almost immediately, so it’s easily the worst the franchise has produced. That’s just how my mind works.

But most of this series, which will take all four days, is Linkara’s mind and what he saw wrong in this series. As usual I’ll pop in my two cents after the videos but this is Linkara’s train ride and I’m just a passenger. He’s already gotten to Jungle Fury on his own site but we’re a show behind to get you to go there for the new stuff. (Not sure what happens when he gets caught up with a series.) So grab your map because this show gets lost rather easily.

  • I’m going to spare you the full opening, which I haven’t done for many of the series, but the first verse is the only one I could register a defense for…maybe. If they were going for the “secret riddle” thing, which so many treasure hunt shows are about (including this one and the original series, GoGo Sentai Boukenger), then I can’t kid you, it would still suck just as bad. However, it would make some kind of sense. Verse two then comes along and shows somebody just doesn’t know how to write a Power Rangers intro. Where Linkara and I disagreed when it came to Mystic Force’s we’re in complete agreement when it comes to Operation Overdrive.
  • I kind of wish the series was more like the dream sequence. Imagine Indiana Jones Power Rangers. I could get behind that!
  • You knew Linkara had to do the Miser Brothers reference. Fun fact: Flurious is an original costume, and not one from Boukenger. Instead of treasure thieves versus noble hunters, a treasure hunting hero organization competed with various civilizations battled over special artifacts called “Precious”. In case you thought the Lord Of The Rings influences ended with Mystic Force‘s counterpart.
  • I wonder if there IS a good reason to not have a Ranger army for any of the threats, like each person who accesses the Morphing Grid can go pull so much energy at one time or something?
  • As far as I know, Norg has no Japanese counterpart. And I envy them if that’s the case. The thing makes Ferbus from Masked Rider easier to tolerate.
  • I expect this to be a running pronouncement, but Andrew Hartford is the worst father ever! For example, not telling his son anything about the strangers in their house or secret headquarters in the basement…I get it. He’s overprotective and he knows Mac will want to be in on this like he does every expedition Andrew wouldn’t let him on, but eventually Mac’s going to learn something and his curiosity is going to get him in trouble, especially when the villains know where you live and what you have. I give him credit for being willing to not let the others do what he won’t (although he messes with THEIR DNA first, if you didn’t notice) but this is only the beginning of why he’s a terrible mentor and father.
  • I understand the civilian powers. I think. Dax gets super jumping as a stuntman. Will gets supersenses that work with his skills as a thief, although one for the side of good. Ronnie gets superspeed as a racer. They fit their personalities, while Mac’s superstrength will make sense later (and will be stupid). But why does Rose turn invisible? It doesn’t match her personality. She strolls in to turn off the laser robot. She usually breaks in discussing some new legend or whatnot. If anything Dax is the only person keeping from being the most drawn to the spotlight. I also wonder what Andrew would have gotten?
  • The Ranger costumes don’t bother me as much as it does Lewis. I’m assuming the shoulder pads were just to add something to the shoulders because they don’t look very protective. The chrome doesn’t bother me and the logo makes sense since the Search Guard Successor Foundation of the original sentai would use one and Hartford runs a company as well as going on personal expeditions. It makes sense for both parties and it does work for treasure hunters part of an organization.
  • I’m surprised Linkara didn’t break out his usual dislike of vehicle-based Zords but for treasure hunters, the excavation and scouting vehicles actually make sense. The later trains…not so much. At least Lightspeed Rescue operated in a city where there were a lot of train tracks. The Overdrive Rangers go all over the world.
  • I like how in SPD, Mystic Force and here the Morphers have more functions than simply being being a morpher that can double as the cell phone it’s disguised as. The Overdrive Trackers (and the sentai version, the Accellular, which sounds like a better name for the RPM morphers) serve as a multi-tool to the treasure hunter operations. The Turbo Rangers needed a handheld device to do what this does as part of the morpher.

And that’s part one. Tomorrow the Rangers begin their searching for the Jewels.


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