Hawk & Dove Annual #2

“…and later ignored!”

Hawk & Dove Annual #2

DC Comics (1991)

“Creating Unity”
WRITER: Barbra Kesel
PENCILERS: Curt Swan, Gabriel Morrissette, Kerry Gammill, & Paris Cullins
INKERS: John Statema, Charles Barnette III, & Bob Lewis
COLORIST: Michael Thomas
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Jonathan Peterson

There are two things that make this issue hard review. One of them we’ll discuss when we get to Armageddon 2001 #2 and the other is essential to the story. Waverider’s voyage takes him next to Hawk and Dove, the embodiment of chaos and order respectively. At the time Dove was a woman named Dawn but I don’t know a lot about their relationship. What I do know is that Dove is able to detect Waverider reading their futures and she fights him on it (even turning the tables on him) before they learn what they’ll be doing not in 2001 but roughly in his time period.

Monarch has already succeeded in taking over the world and killing off the superheroes. Hank Hall (alias Hawk) is a Peacekeeper until they go to far. Like Waverider he decides to fight back, calling on his powers and challenging Monarch, who claims at one point that he wasn’t responsible for the heroes being killed. Even in a monstrous form Hawk is unable to beat Monarch, so he returns to the dimension where Dove is waiting. At some point the two had a child and even though they ultimately fail taking on Monarch again, the child grows up and can soon call on the powers of both Chaos and Order, going by the codename “Unity”. Unity meets with Monarch, claiming to want to team up until she sees an opening to attack him. The ending is ambiguous but seems to indicate that she misuses her neurosurgeon skills.

This might have worked as the tail end of the series, showing how Monarch ultimately meets his end. There’s also an intriguing piece in Monarch trying to push blame away from himself for the superhero deaths and later not wanting to destroy the last metahuman like him. I wonder if Kesel had some extra ideas for Monarch that were never used. Then there are the parts issue #2 ruins but we’ll get to that eventually. However, this is one of the must-own issues of the event as it ties in a bit more to the main storyline and isn’t just another “what could they be like in the future” story.

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