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I don’t have enough sources for video game thought, either as a decent post or as filler video. I want to do more game stuff on my own but finding time to play has been difficult lately. At least I found something good for the former.

Game Theory is the creation of Matthew Patrick and the main show on the channel, but there are a few other features that will be covered as well. By looking at video game controversies and going through a franchise’s story to find some interesting concept to build into a proper, if sometimes silly, theory about that game world, Patrick has taken math, science, and culture and turned it into something interesting, if not outright fun.

Let’s start with his latest episode, as he tries to honestly solve the question of whether or not Grand Theft Auto V is designed to be racist to the sole black character among the trio you can play as.

Here’s an interesting fusion of story and meta: are Pokémon games set in alternate universes?

I suppose I should show you the episode that introduced me to the series before I move to the next show. I’m not a horror fan so I have no major interest in the Five Nights Of Freddie series. However, this theory on who the real killer is and the second game’s place in the timeline was chosen to find out about the game so many of my online pals were going on about. Spoilers, by the way.

So what other shows are on this channel? Smash History analyzes character moves and the history of a given stage in its original game. For an example of each, the first episode looked at Mario’s moves.

And the latest episode looks at the Earthbound-based stages Onett and Fourside.

There are a bunch of other ones that I haven’t watched yet and I’m getting close to my deadline, so I’ll leave it to you to investigate Culture Shock and the other stuff. If I’ve interested you in MatPat and his fellow game theorists, check out the YouTube page and maybe you’ll enjoy it. But that’s just a theory. 😉

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