Armageddon Inferno #2

“Oh, there goes my ant farm!”

Armageddon: Inferno #2

DC Comics (May, 1992)

“Sea Of Troubles”
WRITER: John Ostrander
ARTISTS: Luke McDonnell & Bruce N. Solotoff, Walter Simonson, and Mike Netzer
COLORIST: Gene D’Angelo
LETTERER: John Costanza
EDITOR: Denny O’Neil

In Abraxis’ dimension, one of the cattle seeks to protect a female but without the concept of heroism or love he can do nothing. Back in the regular universe, Waverider gathers more of the heroes he needs at the old Justice Society headquarters, now a museum. He also has the misfortune of getting Lobo to join with Guy Gardner, Starfire, Orion, and the Enemy Ace to fight more of the Daemon in dinosaur times. During World War II, where Adolf Hitler used the Spear Of Destiny to keep metahumans away from Europe, Waverider uses other military heroes as well as a later version of Hawkman and Hawkwoman to fight more of Abraxis’ forces, only they lose and Abraxis takes over another simulacrum.

What they got right: This issue begins a listing of DC heroes so new people can follow along, incluiding those introduced last issue. That’s nice to see in a story like this and I wish it happened more often. Something I didn’t mention earlier is that each Daemon has a backstory and silly as it may be for them to give it while attacking the heroes (and they ultimately add nothing to the story overall), it is nice to see that attention to detail. Also, you can actually see some of the Daemons in colors other than ebony in the dinosaur battle, while the husk soldiers remain the same.

What they got wrong: But then during the World War II fight they’re back to the same color. Also, it seems like each simulacrum is different in each era. I don’t know if that’s on purpose and you do see him better in the WWII story, but some uniformity might have been nice there.

Recommendation: The story continues next week (I’ll explain Sunday why it’s not concluding because I just had a brilliant idea while writing this) and thus far it may be light on character but a good action story that’s making use of DC’s history. Give it a look.


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