Darkhawk #7

“We’re out of cold water in the shower.”

Darkhawk #7

Marvel Comics (September, 1991)

WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
FINISHER: Ricardo Villagran
COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley
EDITOR: Nelson Yomtov

While roughhousing with his brothers, Chris finds a wall panel hiding a notebook by his missing father. Mike and his partner pursued a bunch of petty thieves but stop to help an old lady they hit. Mike wants to hunt them down and make them pay, but the diary appears to be incomplete and Chris needs to head to school. At school, Cheryl (his girlfriend) wants more of his time, like any, because he hasn’t been around since his dad disappeared (and he became Darkhawk). While dealing with drug dealers Headset is caught in the crossfire. Chris tries to use the amulet to help him but Headset is unconscious and can’t become Darkhawk. But before Chris can take the amulet back, he is attacked by Bazin’s new superpowered weapon, Lodestone, and she will kill Chris if Darkhawk doesn’t arrive.

What they got right: I like how Chris is trying to figure out how to be a hero, since this is the 90s and angsty was becoming the law of the land. While not quite there yet Chris’s problems work better. Plus he finally gets his own supervillain.

What they got wrong: Cheryl really doesn’t feel like she’s part of this story, just there to give Chris a girlfriend to “ignore” thanks to his superhero career. It’s like they’re trying too hard to replicate Spider-Man.

Recommendation: I’m still getting into this story and recommend checking this series out.

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