They're cartoon characters. I can draw them money.

They’re cartoon characters. I can draw them money.

If you missed the posting this afternoon I have a chance to have a huge chunk of my credit card debt forgiven versus going into bad debt and if I don’t I’m kind of screwed. So I’m doing a livestream telethon thing to try and get some help. I have over 300 followers on social media and YouTube so it’s worth a shot. I’ll be showing off how I do various projects and hopefully preview some new ones. I’ll show my favorite of each video series, finally do that “My Favorite Intros” banner, and even open a Twitch account live. I have one guest lined up and I’m hoping for a few more so this won’t be boring and have a roundtable discussion at the end. I hope you’ll join in or at least promote the event. I REALLY need the money and as Jake alluded to, it’s rare when I ask people for help.

As for next week’s articles, Friday begins the tale of one more giant robot since we’re all done with crossovers. And when I say giant I mean


As in bigger than the entire Earth! It’s Antarctic Press’ other giant robot tale Dodekain, with the first two issues on Friday. And on Wednesday one of the Star Wars comics will be a pop-up book. Yes, Dark Horse made a Star Wars pop-up comic book featuring Boba Fett. This should be interesting. The Saturday GN review will be from a webcomic that has been getting reposted lately, David Willis’ Roomies. I have the first volume from his first of two ConnectiCon appearances (I missed the second and last appearance he made) and we’ll look at that this week. Wish me luck people.

On the telethon, not the comic. Willis was relatively sane then. 😀

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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