Star Wars Shadows Of The Empire #4

“Are you sure this is Max Rebo Tribute Band concert?”

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire #4

Dark Horse (August, 1996)

WRITER: John Wagner
PENCILER: Kilian Plunkett
INKER: P. Craig Russell
COLORIST: Cary Porter
COVER ART: Hugh Fleming
LETTERER: Dave Cooper
DESIGN: Scott Tice
EDITOR: Peet Janes

Boba Fett manages to deal with his would-be bounty claim jumpers while Luke is taken prisoner by another set of bounty hunters after securing the Death Star 2 plans. The Emperor sends Vader (convinced of Xizor’s treachery) to retrieve Luke while also pretending to go after the plans while Luke uses the Force to attempt his own breakout. Meanwhile, Leia and Chewbacca pay Xizor a visit but for some reason Leia finds herself attracted to the tall green man with an external spine.

What they got right: Leia’s disguise from Return Of The Jedi (that she uses as part of the rescue of Han) didn’t need a backstory but I don’t mind it. The action scenes are good.

What they got wrong: I don’t have any complaints. I like when that happens.

Recommendation: While I still push the book, the comic isn’t bad if you want a quicker version of the events. It’s worth getting.



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