Dodekain #8

I will remind anyone leering at Koyori there that she is supposed to be TWELVE YEARS OLD!

Dodekain #8


Antarctic Press (June, 1995)

Again there are no credits so I’m using the one from two issues back.

WRITER/ARTIST: Masayuki Fujihara
TOUCH-UP ART: Pat Kelley
LETTERER: Shon Howell

During the battle (which leads to the destruction of Jupiter) Koveldan reveals that the Zogelians consider themselves the good guys and that the invasions of both Palmera and Earth were because they considered the former too advanced and the latter too violent and decided to wipe them out for the sake of the universe. And now that the two are together he thinks they’re an even bigger threat, especially after learning that they gave the kid with a huge temper control of a robot powered by anger, Hulk style. But Koyori steps in and promises that she can keep Takuma in line and that they won’t be a threat to the universe. Koveldan takes one last shot at Dodekain before taking off for home, with some more “goodbyes” for Takuma.

What they got right: We learn more about the Zogelians. The end is satisfying and while more adventures might be interesting it’s a good point to end, presuming the Zogelians will now leave Earth alone.

What they got wrong: Koyori is the only challenge that Earthings aren’t evil? For crying out loud, Japan, have you never heard of charity groups, doctors, firefighters, people trying to work towards peace, people who fight only in self-defense and defense of allies? How about for a change one of your heroes actually tries to argue in FAVOR of the human race instead of just letting the villain sound like he’s in the right? Also, one last fourth wall break by mentioning the author. It’s still out-of-place for this series.

Recommendation: Dodekain is a good parody series for giant robot fans and is worth tracking down.


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