Green Lantern #52

Mongul just wanted a hug.

Green Lantern #52

DC Comics (June, 1994)

“Breaking In”
WRITER: Rom Marz
PENCILERS: Steve Carr, Jamal Igle, & Darryl Banks
INKER: Romeo Tanghal
COLORIST: Steve Mattsson
LETTERER: Albert De Guzman
EDITOR: Kevin Dooley

As Kyle and Alex practice with the Green Lantern ring, Mongul escapes the Slab (opening the cages so people can escape, including Major Force, who will sadly become important) and since he can’t tell one Green Lantern from another attacks Kyle. Meanwhile, a shadowy government group gets their hands on a glowing green rock.

What they got right: If this seems short it’s because most of the comic is Kyle and Alex, which shows how the two work together, and romantic or not they make a good coupling. It’s stories like this and the conclusion next issue that makes me mad that Alex was killed off, and madder when I remember HOW she was killed off in some insane thought that it would make Kyle a better hero.

What they got wrong: Mongul even notes that his appearance is different, with the uniform mentioned separately. Is Mongul so dumb that he really can’t tell the difference between Hal and Kyle, when he should know Green Lantern is part of a CORPS of Green Lanterns?

Recommendation: Want to see what the comic lost? Pick up this and the next issue.


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