Star Wars Droids Vol 2 #5

“Sorry, sir. I’m only a protocol droid. You need an interior decorator.”

Star Wars: Droids Vol. 2 #5

Dark Horse (September, 1995)

“Season Of Revolt” part 1
WRITER: Jan Strand
PENCILER: Bill Hughes
INKERS: Keith Williams & Rick Perrotta
COLORIST: Chris Chalenor
COVER ART: Kilian Plunkett
LETTERER: Steve Dutro
EDITOR: Peet Janes

C-3PO and R2D2 begin their travel with their new master, the Ithorian (old fogeys like myself and Sean will call him a Hammerhead thanks to the action figure) Zorneth. However, it isn’t just animals he’s transporting but a “smiler”, the victim of a plant that puts its consumer into a permanent state of bliss but without any kind of rational thought. However, someone is out to kidnap Smiley and thanks to a “caretaker” virus that compels infected droids with protecting smilers, R2 drags Threepio into the rescue mission. So what else is new? And it appears this smiler has information that could be big trouble for the universe.

What they got right: It’s a good start to another adventure for our heroes. The basics of the situation is introduced well and keeps the reader curious enough to pick up the next issue. Our Smiler is so important that at one point Zorneth was willing to (I think) blow up the ship to keep Smiley out of their hands.

What they got wrong: Still no explanation why Threepio went with Zorneth at the end of the last issue when two issues ago he turned down the job offer because he and Artoo already have masters back on Kalarba. Also, and this could be explained later, how did the droids infected with the caretaker virus get infected? (And does Artoo really need it considering he loves a good adventure?)

Recommendation: The story arc is starting out well enough to recommend it. Hopefully it stays that way.


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