Transformers The War Within - The Age Of Wrath #1

“The door was unlocked, you know.” “I know.”

Transformers: War Within – The Age Of Wrath #1

Dreamwave (September, 2004)

WRITER: Simon Furman
INKERS: Tracy Ho & Ferd Poblete
COLORISTS: Rob Ruffolo, David Cheung, & Josh Burcham

Ultra Magnus has returned and won things for the Autobots, uniting them and defeated the Decepticon subfactions. Do we get THAT story? No. Yes, we’re back to the usual way I’ve been reviewing Furman stories. I will say this and jump ahead. “Megatron Month” was Dreamwave sending Megatron back into the various Transformers stories, which means in each time period (and in Energon‘s case, universe) Megatron would come back, and then later Optimus would pop up at the last minute. That was the plan, anyway, until Dreamwave folded just before “Optimus Month”. Because of these two events (Megatron/Optimus month and Dreamwave shutting down) I do feel the need to be a little less critical of this miniseries since we don’t know what would or wouldn’t be explained by the last issue of this miniseries. That doesn’t make this any less bad, though.

We join into the story instead AFTER Ultra Magnus has saved the world. Because it’s a Furman-written leader not named Grimlock we get the typical speech about huge doubts, in Ultra Magnus’ case being in Optimus’ shadow (we’ll learn they’re brothers–I’ll come back to that at a later date because it’s not Furman’s revelation). Grimlock, of course, hates any form of indecision or peace. This is not a good day for him, is it? The various Decepticon factions aren’t happy about this, either. They simply accept that the Autobots have all the strategically important ground. I kind of imagine it’s a bit more faithful to a real surrender, minus the decorum on Shockwave and Ratbat’s part. Of course, Starscream and his small band of Ultracons has other plans. He slaughters the council while everyone else is at the peace treaty signing, which is attacked. At first we’re supposed to believe it’s Starscream’s forces, but it turns out to be Megatron with some more powerful versions of the Seekers. It might have been a bigger shock had “Megatron Month” not been promoted so heavily in solicitations.

This issue alone isn’t bad, it’s mediocre at best. The doubting leader, Grimlock being the biggest badass ever, a story that should have been told…it’s just all that interesting until Starscream and Megatron launch their attacks. I’m curious about next issue only to see what happens when Starscream and Megatron cross paths again. Otherwise, I just don’t care about this story thus far.

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