Transformers Armada #14

“Who said you could play with my toys?”

Transformers Armada #14

Dreamwave (August, 2003)

“Worlds Collide” part 1
WRITER: Simon Furman
PENCILER: Don Figueroa
INKER: Elaine To
COLORISTS: David Cheung, Espen Grundetjern, Stuart Ng, & Rob Ruffolo
LETTERER: Paul Villafuerte

At Autobase, the Autobots are surprised by the arrival of a Optimus Prime that isn’t theirs, and warns of a coming chaos before he dies. Astroscope surmises that this is a Optimus Prime from another dimension, the first time I’ve seen this in a Transformers story chronologically. After years of people trying to shoehorn the Marvel comics and Sunbow cartoon into one universe it was nice to see. Anyway, their Optimus is on a doomed Cybertron, while a dimension-hopping Mini-Con shows up in San Francisco trying to contact Optimus. With the Space Bridge acting funny, Megatron sends his troops to investigate the source, which may be a robot we’re all familiar with, Galvatron! He and his buddies have warped in and may be behind the Space Bridge issues. Galvatron tracks the Mini-Con down looking for a Matrix, while everyone else also arrives. Starscream has Demolishor obtain the Mini-Con’s ship, while Mirage helps the Mini-Con escape but everyone’s troubles are just getting started.

What they got right: Well, Furman found a way to write Galvatron. I do like the idea of multiple universes finally getting an official showing in Transformers, and the mystery is set up well. I wish Furman wrote as well in other stories as he has been in this series and the first The War Within miniseries. The art is also fantastic, right down to the coloring. I hope everyone was at least getting paid during this issue.

What they got wrong: There is one panel, however, where Sparkplug and Red Alert are painted black except for their faces and markings. What happened there? Galvatron won’t be named in this storyline, this I remember, but the Mini-Con will…just not in this issue which would have been nice. He’s the one that came with the second Optimus Prime figure, the one without the battery-powered remote opening trailer.

Recommendation: This story arc is starting off well. Want to see where I can praise Furman Transformers instead of condemn? Check this series out.


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