Fantastic Four #369

I think someone just wanted an excuse to get Sue back in that garb.

Fantastic Four #369

Marvel (October, 1992)

“With Malice Toward All!”
PLOT/SCRIPT/PENCILS: Paul Ryan & Tom DeFalco
INKER: Dan Bulandi
COLORIST: Gina Going
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

This is impossible for me to review. If it wasn’t in my collection I probably wouldn’t have bothered so this is only for complete review sake. See, I never followed the “Infinity War” event so I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on with dopplegangers and the like. Galactus is now on the good guy side for some reason. Magus freezes the people of Earth (not with ice, more like frozen in time) and the rogue watcher Aron kidnaps Alicia for some reason, all before the Puppet Master appeared to be about to tell her Ben was seeing someone else or something. There’s also a scene where the Human Torch is flying around the ship and considers hitting on Psylocke but with how his love life currently is (I think I followed half of what he was saying) decides against it. By the way, Psylocke somehow overheard his thoughts, which is rather rude for a telepath and he was high up, and thought he should have gone for it. Were they setting something up? Also, some Skrulls have Lyja’s body and are planning something that will lead to the planned defeat of the Fantastic Four. I really didn’t follow most of this stuff.

Here’s what little I could follow. Galactus rescues a group of the heroes and, to get up to speed quickly, puts them under a brainscanner. Under its effects, Sue has a fight in her mind with her evil persona, Malice, created by the Hate Monger back around the time of Secret Wars II. After beating her for control of her mind, Sue decides she needs a bit of her ruthlessness to rescue Reed and attempts to absorb Malice into her conscious mind. Meanwhile, Galactus goes to get the Infinity Gauntlet reactivated as Magus opens a portal into Galactus ship somehow and kidnaps Adam Warlock (or his doppleganger, we’re back to being clueless), meaning he now has the Gauntlet. The heroes mount a rescue, and end comic.

The art is decent for the 90s but unless you’ve been following both this comic and the event it ties into you may end up as lost as I was. Keep that in mind when considering this comic, because otherwise I can’t give a proper recommendation one way or the other. I am that clueless here.

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