Few people know Victor Von Doom is a huge fan of The Rifleman.

Few people know Victor Von Doom is a huge fan of The Rifleman.

Hey, if you can’t do something silly now and then why do a parody/commentary strip? Over at The Clutter Reports I managed to finish a clutter-clearing project so hopefully that’s back in business.

Unless I can find those three comics I think I still have, Star Wars Wednesday is over unless I pick up more comics. This week I’m going to do both of the Super Mario Bros comics I still have left to review and then that’s done. So what come next? Well, instead of dedicating Wednesday to two comics from the same line like I did before and still do with other sections I’m going to have two separate series to look at. One is another space adventure, Star Trek, for the midnight posting while the other is another blend of fantasy and science-fiction, namely Masters Of The Universe. These will both start in two weeks. There are a lot more Star Trek comics in my library so I’ll have to replace the noon topic before the midnight one. But with The Force Awakens still coming we’re not done with the galaxy far, far away here at the Spotlight, but more on that next week.

I’m also hoping to get back to video productions. I still have something from ConnectiCon 2015 that isn’t a panel or press junket before getting into those, plus a few other ideas I want to pilot before seeing if I should bother launching it into a full project. This all depends on time as I’m still looking for a financial income source (most likely a job since BW isn’t fulfilling that need) and other events, like my recent bad medicine reaction, could pop up without warning. I’ll give you best I can as long as I can, folks, because I enjoy doing this stuff, but I have bills to pay. It’s why I have the Patreon. (Points to top of sidebar.) We’ll see what happens.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I have a potential comic books issue for you to explore, research, and possibly develop an article about. I recently purchased Voltron, Rises From the Ashes #1. This is the first comic book printed in the 21st century that I have ever bought. See, I stopped getting current comic books in 1999. Since 2014, I have been getting back issues of comic books from the 1980s (some actually stuff that I used to have! foolishly sold them in 2002). Anyhow, I have noticed that Voltron, Rises From the Ashes #1 seems to have less words when compared with comic books from the 1970s, 1980s. and 1990s. For instance, I compared Atari Force #2 and Mask #2 with the 2015 Voltron and definitely saw that the 2 comic books from the 1980s had much more words than the modern one did! But I’m just looking at Voltron, Rises From the Ashes #1. I don’t know about other modern comic books or the modern ones from say 2000 to 2014. What’s your insight on this? Do 21st century comic books have less words in them than comics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. And if so, then why? What would be the reasons behind this? This issue could be worthy of an article researched and written by you!


    • Some of it may be due to the modern insistence of writing for the trade, padding out stories to fit the number of pages needed. Artists also seem (to me anyway) to want more space to make as much art as they can, but that’s only personal theory. Cost also means less pages per comic. Look at comics from the early 80s versus today and you’ll note it takes longer to read an older comic because they have more pages. It’s stuff I’ve brought up in bits and pieces over the years but there might be a good commentary in this.


  2. Sean says:

    You make some compelling points. 80s comics definitely take longer to read than a 2015 Voltron comic book! I believe that comics need an equal mix of words and art. 70s, 80s, and 90s comics reflect that. It’s hard for me to digest what happened after 1999! But I still will be purchasing this new Voltron comic because I’ve been a Voltron fan since 1984. I just wish that there had been more than 3 Voltron issues published in the 1980s. With Voltron’s popularity in that decade, I feel like more than three issues should have been produced in that time period.


    • The Modern comics run wasn’t that great, though, so if they were planning a full series after the miniseries they weren’t the right people to do it. Again, track down the Devil’s Due omnibus (so you don’t miss the last issue). It’s a re-imagining but an example of doing it right without alienating the older base too much. Or at least me.


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