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So far we’ve looked at 15 potential episodes, and only some of them were made into actual episodes, with some alterations to the idea. We have only a few more to go through. Will any of them be turned into actual episodes?

16. Ocean vessels are falling prey to robberies by “Blackbeard” and his band of modern day pirates. But when an entire ocean liner disappears, Bruce Wayne discreetly charters a  cruise following the missing liner’s course and finds himself in the Sargasso Sea’s legendary graveyard of lost ships. Discovering that Blackbeard and his band converted the liner into a hidden, half-submerged base intending to increase their piracy, it’s up to Batman to stop them.

This sounds more like an Aquaman story than a Batman one. I can see why nobody grabbed it.

17. After a freak accident in his cryogenics lab, Mr. Freeze is created and uses the lab as a front for the theft of the valuable “ice” called diamond. As museums and jewelry stores suddenly freeze and diamonds are stolen, Batman’s detective skills lead him north to Freeze’s Arctic smuggling operation and a battle in the snow with the deadly cold foe.

This was totally ignored because of where they went with Freeze. A cryogenics lab accident was part of his backstory but that’s it. The diamonds he would steal powered the suit he needed to stay alive outside of a very cold freezer and he wasn’t into smuggling so much as he was revenge and curing his wife, Nora, of…something. Oddly, it was the Schumacher films that I first heard what Nora was dying from and that’s probably not canon to the show or the origin DC Comics used when they retconned Freeze’s origin to the cartoon one.

18. When the lights come up at Gotham’s Opera Hall, the wealthy audience finds all of their valuable stolen. Among the audience is Bruce Wayne and soon Batman is pitted against the Mad Maestro, whose compositions have recently been rejected by the Gotham Musical Academy. Vowing revenge on the judging committee, the madman begins a musical reign of terror from his hidden lair in the Gotham Opera House.

Sort of a “Phantom Of The Opera potential without breaking out the love interest. This has potential but nobody else picked up on it.

19. While investigating a series of crimes attributed to the mysterious Poison Ivy, Batman is poisoned, and he and Robin have only 24 hours to track down Poison Ivy and the antidote. As the Batman weakens in the final hours the salvation of the Dark Knight is entirely in Robin’s hands and the clock is ticking…

While Batman has been poisoned and hit with fear toxin, and time limit tales are nothing new, I can’t think of any time Ivy pulled this. Again, might have been a good episode, especially after the rebranding to The Adventures Of Batman & Robin.

20. The mysterious Batman has been sighted three different times in one night by a trio of cops, including Officer Renee Montoya. As the three sit in a coffee shot, each recounts their adventure, prejudiced by their own personality and opinion of the Batman. Montoya leaves, putting elements from the stories together, and realizes that each story is part of what must be the Batman’s current case. By calculating his next move, she finds herself side by side with the Dark Knight and helps him complete the criminal case.

This sounds close to Mitch Brian’s “P.O.V.”, the teleplay for which was written by Sean Catherine Derek and Laren Bright. Instead of sitting around a cafe Montoya, her partner Wikes, and Bullock are being grilled by Internal Affairs about a bust gone wrong, which unknown to the others led to Batman’s capture and Montoya (suspended with the others because Bullock stretched things to make himself look good as usual) ends up helping him against the crooks. Good choice.

21. The Scarecrow infects Gotham’s water supply and jams TV and radio transmissions with images and sounds of the Batman, triggering an epidemic of “Bat terror” in the populace. When Batman is spotted that night, he finds himself pursued by rabid mobs of police and citizens as he attempts to track down The Scarecrow and his antidote.

Part of this sounds like plans Scarecrow has done in the past on a smaller scale, but not part of a full episode. Might have been interesting.

22. Gotham’s most famous illusionist, Zatanna, promises to make the Gotham Mercantile Bank disappear on her televised special. The bank disappears, but when it returns all of the money is gone. Swearing innocence, she is jailed, but Batman’s investigation reveals the crime was the work of the Gentleman Ghost. It isn’t long before wolfish Bruce Wayne comes up with the beautiful Zatanna’s bail bond and although immune to Wayne’s charms, Zatanna is soon visited by Batman and the two of them set out to track down the Ghost and the money.

Paul Dini’s “Zatanna” doesn’t have the Gentleman Ghost (who we established was never in this show) and neither does she meet Bruce Wayne, but we do get to learn more about Batman’s training. As “John Smith” he trained in escape techniques with Zatara, Zatanna’s father, and she had a crush on him. However he was off to Japan (and the fateful meeting with a certain ninja) to continue his Bat-training and had to leave her and the tour. Batman actually helps her escape so she can help clear her name, a rare act by Batman of breaking someone out of a police car.

And that’s the last one. There are no more episodes suggested. Of the 22 only a handful were ever used in the show and most left behind (not counting ones that either weren’t bad ideas or just didn’t fit the tone the show would establish) are ideas I wouldn’t have mind seeing. So we have one final installment, as I wrap up this series with some final thoughts.

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