Super Mario Brothers #4

“It looked larger in the brochure.”

Super Mario Bros #4

Valiant/Nintendo Comic System (1990)

Mark McClellan & Bill Valley, Jade
“Beauty And The Beach”
John Costanza, Jacqueline Foettcher, Kingman Huie
“Fins And Roses”
George Wildman, P. Zorito, The Gradations

This is definitely the last issue I own of this series. I had forgotten it, and after reading it I think it was my brain showing me mercy. The first story has Mario, Princess, and Toad lost at sea and coming upon a small island. No Luigi because why would you want both brothers in a comic about two brothers? He’s not in the next story, either, but gets name dropped in this one. Luigi really got the short end with this series. Anyway, Koopa is tricking the rather stupid (even by the standards of characters in this run) mushroom surfers into heating up the island so Koopa can turn them into Fryguys. Which brings up a question since there was once a short about a Fryguy High School. Whatever’s going on, of course Mario can use plumbing to save the day and this felt like a better episode of The Super Mario Brothers Super Show, although that’s not saying much.

The other tale features the return of everybody’s least favorite character, Stanley The Talking Fish. Apparently Big Bertha learned nothing and is back with him, but Stanley decides to cheat again…this time with Wendy O’Koopa, who is waiting for a chance to blast Mario. Instead she ends up shooting at Stanley and uses up everything on him…yet misses every time. When Mario shows up they decide to go get some Koopa Kola (made from real coal according to an ad in this comic) to say nasty things about Stanley. Why did this story happen? Is Bertha just that desperate for romance?

This was easily the worst of the lot and I can see why I don’t remember owning this comic. But now we’re finally done and I can finally say for the last time, don’t buy these comics. They collected the Nintendo Power run and while it lost me eventually it’s still at least well-done and worth checking out.

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