TruTV is really looking hard at YouTube for show ideas. For example, the Fine Brothers (of the popular “React” series of web shows in which people of different age groups react to various media past and present) recently got a show called Six Degrees Of Everything, where they connect one thing to another in six steps or less, similar to the “Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon” game. Another show, which I just got to see thanks to Entertainment Weekly‘s Screening Room page on Facebook, is Adam Ruins Everything, another show taken from the internet and using humor to impart information, using humor to keep you awake. So was it any good?

Adam Ruins Everything is based on a series of shorts for College Humor. The show stars Adam Conover as he drags some unsuspecting soul around through portals to show them that things aren’t as good as we think. For example, the EW sample episode, the second one according to Wikipedia, has Adam showing some poor guy that the TSA isn’t making us any safer, and shows off other things that doesn’t make us safer, what he calls “security theater” versus actual security. I was worried at first that this would end up being a fear-mongering show, just with humor. He even brings in experts (and I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that they actually are experts) to discuss why they don’t make us safe. The humor is one way to keep the “scare tactics” from giving us nightmares.

The other is that it isn’t all scare tactics. I brought up the TSA one specifically because Conover does demonstrate security measures that HAVE added protection since 9-11, like extra security on the flight or more aware citizens. If one particular brand isn’t necessarily safe (or at least safe enough to not need a prescription at that dosage) there are other options. At the end Conover reminds us that there may be bad people in the world but most people are still good and you shouldn’t be afraid of the human race. He balances the bad with the good. I’ve only seen the one episode and none of the College Humor shorts so I don’t know how typical that is but I hope it is the normal MO for his stuff.

Adam Ruins Everything can be found at College Humor (the linked-to playlist also includes clips from the TV show) and clips on TruTV’s website, but the full show airs Tuesdays (check local listings for time) and it’s worth a watch. You may learn something and be entertained at the same time.

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