Optimus is late for his dentist appointment.

Optimus is late for his dentist appointment.

Transformers: Generation One and Armada Preview

Dreamwave (April, 2002)

While The War Within had its own preview, Generation One and Armada had to share one. That doesn’t seem fair. Sure, both stories had the same writer and the other was by Simon Furman (whom you may recall didn’t write the first Armada arc, but Armada is a separate continuity while War Within is the early days of the Generation One continuity.

WRITER: Chris Sarracini
INKER: Rob Armstrong
LETTERING: Dreamer Design
PRE-PRESS: Kell-O-Graphics
“Generation One”
CO-INKER: Erik Sander
COLORISTS: Alan Wang, Gary Yeung, & Ramil Sunga
FLATS: Kenny Li

Both previews are pretty short, since they include production art and test models. Our G1 story has two guys walking in the snow. One man is complaining because the other, who calls himself Lazarus (and as well see in the first miniseries it’s just as clichéd as you think it is), dragged him out into the middle of frozen nowhere for a business deal. Lazarus goes on about gladiators from the sky who could transform and how great it would be to talk to them and how the government probably wished they could…except we will see they did exactly that in this universe, as shows in the very first issue. So it’s some guy cryptically talking about the Transformers as if nobody had heard of them before when we will learn everybody has. Lazarus also has this constant look on his face like he’s bored with everything, which may be intentional. Then they finally finish walking to the dig site, where they find Soundwave in the ice. This at least sets up the first storyline from Dreamwave well enough and that Lazarus will be boring the rest of us like he’s bored. So good start…I guess. Oddly the back of the book has a solicit for the second issue.

In the Armada tale, a peacekeeper is sent to Cybertron to settle the dispute between the Autobots, Decepticons, and Mini-Cons. At least until his bodyguard gets an Optimus Prime to the back and splattered without Optimus even realizing. Then Megatron shows up, forces Leader-1 to powerlink and the fight moves away. Our peacekeeper decides they can work this out. A “motion comic” of this story was later made for promotional material. While the G1 story actually leads into the first issue, this just kind of happened, possibly in the early day of the war after the Decepticons had captured and forceably altered the Mini-Cons to use as a power boost. I can’t say I’m impressed with this story and while slightly amusing at the end doesn’t have the importance of the first story.

Overall, you don’t really need this to follow what’s to come but at the time it did get us interested as to the approach Dreamwave would take with the classic and then current toylines. We’ve already seen in previous reviews how Saraccini and later Furman did with Armada but starting next week we get to see what Generation One would give us. Prepare to be disappointed.

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