Steel #6

Had to make the heavy metal joke, didn’t you cover?

Steel #6

DC Comics (July, 1994)

“Worlds Collide” part 5: “Collision Course”
WRITER/CO-CREATOR: Louise Simonson
PENCILER: Chris Batista
INKER: Rich Faber
COLORIST: Gina Going
LETTERER: Pat Brosseau
EDITOR: Frank Pittarese
“STEEL” CO-CREATOR: Jon Bogdanove

(continued from Icon #15) Tired of Ameritek’s attacks on his family, Steel confronts Colonel Weston, but Lieutenant Beryl talks him out of killing Weston. However, Steel does get him to mention a group called Black Ops, headquartered in what’s left of Metropolis. As he goes there Fred, Hardware, Rocket, and Steel arrive in the lab in Metropolis before Fred teleports them again to the wreckage of his home. Hazard sends his team to bring him in, but the heroes fight the goons off. When Steel shows up to investigate, Hardware (who remembers him from the vision he had before) mistakes him for another goon and goes after him. Rocket breaks up the fight but the two Dakota residents and Superboy disappear while Hazard’s men make off with Fred. Later, as Alva and Hazard begin a sort of “tug of war” to make Benson awake in their reality they instead do something not good to him while Superman and Steel see the Hob’s Bridge link to the bridge to Paris Island in the Milestone Universe. (continues in Blood Syndicate #16)

What they got right: Steel gets some closure and a new enemy to fight. Hazard may prove more interesting that Ameritek.

What they got wrong: Superboy and Rocket’s bickering was funny before but now it’s getting annoying. Mainly, I’m getting sick of both parties treating the other reality like it’s some fever dream Fred turned into reality. Maybe Simonson isn’t making the bickering as funny as McDuffie did? Time will tell. Also, Fred completely disappeared last chapter and now Alva has his physical body as does Hazard? Was there any relay between the various writers as to how these powers work?

Recommendation: Milestone is still handling the event better than DC is but it’s still a fair chapter. Recommended to see what’s happening in Steel’s or to follow events in the crossover. There’s not much there otherwise.


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