Transformers Generation One #3

I’d make a joke but this cover IS a joke!

Transformer: Generation One #3

Dreamwave (June, 2002)

WRITER: Chris Sarracini
INKERS: Rob Armstrong, Erik Sander, & Ferdinand Poblete
COLORISTS: Ramil Sunga, Gary Yeung, Alan Wang, Talent Pun
FLATS: Kenny Li
LETTERING: Dreamer Design

Prime, Spike, and Hallo’s team end up at the construction site to see the damage. When they learn the location of Lazarus’ base, the Autobots head out alone. However, Megatron is setting up his own cyberforming operation, which he subjects Lazarus to, and has won Grimlock to his side. So Hallo decides to drop a bomb on them.

What they got right: Sarracini decides to have Soundwave talk in the manner of the TV show. That’s nice for Transformers fans.

What they got wrong: But so much is wrong here in Sarracini’s attempt to make the series more grown-up, which apparently means less fun. Talk of dead humans during the Transformers wars on Earth, Spike saying that Sparkplug originally considered the Autobots a menace in this continuity as part of a big speech about how terrible it is that the Transformers are on Earth, blaming the Autobots as much as the Decepticons….okay, pet peeve! Yes, the Autobots are just as bad for NOT LETTING MEGATRON SUBJECT OR WIPE OUT THE HUMAN RACE FOR THE PLANET’S ENERGY RESOURCES VIA A SYSTEM THAT WOULD LEAVE EARTH A DEAD HUSK! For crying out loud I am tired of this. You’d rather the Autobots stop fighting, Spike? Because Megatron would roll right over you and kill every living thing on the planet! No, I don’t care that Spike still isn’t over losing his dad…you know, AFTER the war, and we’ll find out it isn’t even the Transformers to blame for the Ark II explosion that killed his father and the other ambassadors to Cybertron. I’m not sure who I wanted to smack more, Spike for that dumb speech or Halo’s sign that he was taking over as the human villain in this tale!

Then there’s the art. Dull surprise is the order of the day among the humans, as usual. However, even Optimus shows no emotion despite falling for Spike’s speech and leaving the humans out of the raid on Lazarus’ base. I’ve seen plenty of artists in previous comics find a way to have Optimus emote before someone decided to make the faceplate retractable, but apparently Pat Lee isn’t one of them. At least it at least LOOKS like he tried to draw the Autobot symbol this time. Finally, I’ve joked before about Marvel’s Grimlock under both Budiansky and Furman being more like a Decepticon but to actually have him switch sides? It not only feels odd after the first The War Within preview, but the next writers decided to retcon it out rather than work with it. Even they knew it was stupid.

Recommendation: Once again this miniseries is lacking and disappointing. Don’t bother with it.

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