Masters Of The Universe #4 (Star)

I guess Star was following Marvel with that month’s cover gimmick, but how about using the villain actually IN the story?

Masters Of The Universe #4

Star Comics (Marvel; November, 1986)

“Snakes Alive!”
WRITER: Mike Carlin
FINISHES: Dennis Janke
COLORIST: Bob Sharen
LETTERER: John Morelli
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Skeletor, at the urging of Kobra Khan, releases the Snake Men, led by King Hiss. He sends them to drawn He-Man in but Hiss hopes to use He-Man to betray Skeletor and conquer Eternia for himself, and get revenge on the Elders for imprisoning him, Rattlor, and Tung Lashor 1,000 years ago. They kidnap Cringer to lure in He-Man. Our heroes need Snout Spout and Rio Blast to stop bickering long enough to fight Skeletor and his Terror Claws. In the end the Snake Men get sick of Skeletor and leave and the two security partners learn to get along…for about five seconds.

What they got right: I do like adding the Snake Men as another threat to Eternia, ones with a slightly different agenda than Skeletor or Hordak. Rio Blast and Snout Spout make an interesting team.

What they got wrong: Sadly, so much is goofed up that you’d think I would give this issue a negative review. The bickering does get old at times. Kobra Khan has his toy’s face, which much like Leech does not translate well, but for some reason he has brown skin instead of green. Kobra Khan came out long before the Snake Men so if they’re getting the other toys right one from even longer back should be easier to get right. Finally, this story starts with the same fake-out as last issue, only instead of Orko and Adam play-fighting Adam and Orko are practicing with Rio Blast and Snout Spout. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a trend in these stories.

Recommendation: A fair introduction of the new toys/characters but while not a bad read it’s not a must-hunt issue unless the Snake Men make a return.

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  1. Sean says:

    Those toy companies knew what they were doing when they hooked up with the comic book companies to create 32 page advertisements! Oh, the 80s!


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