Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi - Golden Age Of The Sith #0

Preparing for the ultimate double noogie.

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi – The Golden Age Of The Sith #0

Dark Horse (July, 1996)

WRITER: Kevin J. Anderson
PENCILER: Chris Gossett
INKER: Stan Woch
COLORIST: Pamela Rambo
COVER ART: Christopher Moeller
LETTERER: Sean Konot
EDITOR: Bob Cooper

Set 5,000 years before the events of the movies, a Jedi named Odan-Urr loves studying the past, including the rise of the fallen Jedi referred to as the Sith. During his studies he uncovered a technique called Jedi Battle Mediation. It’s a large-scale variation of the usual mind trick uses to boost ally morale and lower the enemy’s. Aiding Empress Teta in claiming a planet for the Republic, he and Teta’s Jedi advisor, Memit Nadill, use the technique, which works too well. The pirates fighting the Empress decide “if we’re going down, we’re taking as many of them with us as we can” and start opening fire. While Teta’s forces easily defeat the pirates without the feared bloodbath, one supply ship was destroyed, leaving siblings Gav and Jori Daragon orphans. Even the Hutt that repaired their ship takes pity and releases their other ship out of collateral and the Daragon siblings decide to go exploring the galaxy.

This is just set-up for the next “Tales Of The Jedi” tale, set before the previous tales, and from what I can tell will feature the rise of the Sith chronicled in those early miniseries. It doesn’t really show the characters much, with only Odan-Urr really mattering to the story. However, the artwork is something to be praised on the penciler, inker, and colorist fronts. I like the outfit designs but what really caught my attention were the lightsabers. Not only is the concept of individually-designed lightsabers NOT starting in the prequel movies that came after this, but the few we get to see are adorned with ornamental addition (the most interesting being Memit’s saber, with a snake-like face on all four sides just above the hilt and before the part the blade comes out of, and a cutlass-like design in the preview art section, used by Gav). I hope to see some more cool designs as I go on.

There isn’t a lot here to really review. If the series as a whole is good then this is worth picking up. We’ll see as we go on as I haven’t read them since they first came out so I don’t remember how it was.

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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for all these Star Wars related reviews. It’s good for preparing people to see the new movie that debuts in December. Hey, you, I, and Tim should go see that Star Wars movie when it’s out in either December or early January. I will pay for your ticket into the movie, and I will do the driving for the three of us. The school I work at has Christmas vacation from Dec. 23 to January 3, so that gives me a good open window of time to meet up with you guys back on my home turf (where I grew up) to see the movie. Just hopefully, the big blizzards can hold off until later in the winter! (Praying that this winter is not as bad as last winter.) Please keep this in mind.


  2. Sean says:

    Great! You have my home e-mail as part of my being able to post in your blog. Keep in touch as to what days (from Dec. 23 to Jan.3 would be best…just Dec. 24 and 25 wouldn’t be the best for me though…seeing family those 2 days) will be best for you as we get closer to that time. I will give you a call as we get closer to that time in December. Definitely want to make sure that we all get to see the new Star Wars movie!


    • You know I don’t usually go opening weekend, but even for a timely review I’m expecting major crowds for a few weeks.


      • Sean says:

        Is Opening Weekend on Dec. 18? If you think the weekend of Dec. 26 will be too crowded, then there’s always the weekend of Jan. 1-3. Also, daytime showings on a Saturday and Sunday could be less crowded than the nightime showings. Just keep me posted. I do want to see Star Wars with you guys. Whatever time is good for you guys is fine. If you all want to wait until later in January, that’s fine….just the chance of bad winter weather increases as January goes on.


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