Darkhawk #30

I’ve made too many massage jokes, haven’t I?

Darkhawk #30

Marvel (August, 1993)

“This Evil Unleashed”
WRITER: Danny Fingeroth
PENCILER: Anthony Williams
INKER: Ian Akin
COLORIST: Troy Sayers
LETTERER: Bill Oakley
EDITOR: Nel Yomtov

The events of “Infinity Crusade” disrupts Darkhawk’s life, and finally causes a break between him and his mom. Not able to tell her that he’s Darkhawk and all the heroes not under the sway of the so-called Goddess (not to be confused with our favorite snake-armored Eternian–apparently Adam Warlock’s good side is a woman…long story) are trying to decide whether or not to stop her bringing peace to the world (except for the insane, apparently, as Broderick is on a killing spree), Grace feels tough love is the only answer and kicks Chris out. As he heads back to Avengers Mansion, Darkhawk meets up with Pureheart, who is pure evil. Darkhawk is able to overpower and defeat Pureheart, but it swears to return. Meanwhile, the Avengers STILL haven’t decided what to do.

I have to wonder what influence “Infinity Crusade” had on the events of the story, and that’s what makes this issue tough to judge. The art is good for the time and Chris isn’t sporting that mullet that some artists give him but that’s the only thing I can really judge. Did Fingeroth have plans but due to tieing in to this event had to change them? Sure, he realizes that taking part in this event would drag Chris away from his family, and Grace would probably take this extreme step for the sake of her and her other sons not having to deal with Chris’s disappearances, but if this didn’t happen would Chris have been able to better keep his promise to be there for them and still fight on as Darkhawk? Or if this hadn’t happened one issue after he made that promise would Chris have stronger ground, or even finally told his family he was Darkhawk? We’ll never know.

I also don’t know who Pureheart is, although credit for using it for a creature of pure evil instead of the usual purity of good angle. It doesn’t show up in the summary I read so I don’t know if it is tied to this event or something Fingeroth was planning for the series, but it is a decent fight…while the Avengers sit on their butts the whole issue asking “should we do something” the whole time. It made Chris running off when he did rather pointless since he wasn’t pressed for time at all. Maybe Jarvis could have given him a beeper or something for when they finally made a decision?

Overall it wasn’t bad, but I have to wonder what effect connecting to this event had on the story. Events seem to be a problem with this comic as when it doesn’t have its own long story arc crossovers seems to slow it down. Still, worth getting if you see it.

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