How many of you remember the “fifth season” of the original Transformers series? That is, if you count “The Rebirth”, a three-episode miniseries, as a fourth full season. Season five is really just random episodes of the first three seasons with the above framing device, Powermaster Optimus Prime, telling young Tommy Kennedy about the various adventures during the Autobot/Decepticon war. It was a way for Hasbro to continue promoting Transformers toys without paying for more episodes even though most of the newer toys didn’t appear in the show because they hadn’t been created when the actual episodes aired. Instead they were name dropped on occasion. You can see a longer collection of clips here if the link still works.

Over at Ben’s World Of Transformers they found footage posted (but not embeddable) posted by Tommy’s actor, Jason Jansen, stage name for Jason Jankowski, or possibly his agent. The video has no embed code so I’d rather give credit to where I saw it and give BWTF some attention. It shows behind the scenes footage of filming some of those scene with Tommy talking with the puppet bust of Optimus used. It’s rather interesting if you grew up with it or like me still watched cartoons. (I was in middle school getting ready for high school at the time.)


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