Transformers Generation One vol 2 #1

“Oh great, new neighbors!”

Transformers: Generation One vol 2 #1

(later collected under the subtitle “War & Peace” but I own the single issues)

Dreamwave (April, 2003)

“New World Order”
WRITER: Brad Mick (an alias used by James McDonough for some reason for a number of issues)
INKER: Rob Armstrong
COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjern, Alan Wang, & Rob Ruffolo
LETTERER: Paul Villafuerte

Continuing from a story in the trade of the first miniseries (“Prime Directive”), Optimus has a vision that brings the Autobots to the Arctic. Somehow the Decepticons are waiting for them, battling over an Autobot stasis pod, which opens to reveal a Decepticons (we know him as Scourge) ranting about how the war is over on Cybertron and there are no more Autobots and Decepticons. Then he’s blasted by the arriving Shockwave (joined by Triple Changers from both factions), who has come to take them all into custody, worried that they may disrupt the new Cybertronian order. The Autobots escape while Shockwave defeats Megatron and convinces the other Decepticons to join his cause. Meanwhile, someone is sent to capture the Autobots. Prowl keeps a team behind to keep an eye on the Cybertrons but Mirage arrives, appearing to have been brainwashed. As the other Autobots debate the situation (including Grimlock, who is here for some reason yet sporting a Decepticon sigil, and yes they make note of this) Starscream blasts Megatron into space, because he’s Starscream. It’s what he does.

What they got right: Mick/McDonough bypasses the story Sarracini was planning for the second miniseries (more on that later) in favor of seeing what’s happened on Cybertron since the Transformers we follow have left. Shockwave succeeding in ending the war and bringing the factions together is a good start. And it’s early enough that McDonough can ignore his predecessor’s ideas in favor of his own ideas. (There is a Autobot spacecraft in the GN preview but he will get to that in a later story.)

What they got wrong: Although it does make the whole vision angle that brought them up there pointless. And how DID the Decepticons get up there so quick? Following a beacon from the pod would have been a better idea but I haven’t seen the preview to know what McDonough had to work with. Lee’s expressions are better this time but the story focuses on character with little to express and it’s still not very dynamic.

Recommendation: This one is starting off better than the last miniseries and I don’t think you even need it to follow this one outside of the Grimlock subplot, which outside of him wearing a Decepticon logo doesn’t mean much right now. Give this one a look.

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