Masters Of The Universe #8 (Star)

Nah, too easy.

Masters Of The Universe #8

Star Comics (July, 1987)

“The Getaway”
WRITER: Mike Carlin
PENCILER: Ron Wilson
INKER: Danny Bulanadi
COLORIST: Evelyn Stein
LETTERER: Jack Morelli
EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

Adam and Orko’s fishing trip are interrupted when they come upon Hordak and his newest recruits, Sssqueeze (blame Mattel) and Mosquitor. They’ve stolen a buzzsaw weapon for Hordak to use. Orko goes back to check on Eternia and comes across Snake Face, who can turn people to stone, a spell that can only be broken by the Power Sword. Using Scubattack and Cliff Climber (meanwhile Man-At-Arms is promoting the Tower Tools), He-Man must traverse the Terror-Torries, where Hordak has set up a temporary base, while Orko must find a way to restore his friends.

What they got right: I like seeing the Power Sword actually have powers. While the show was content with cutting things, deflecting energy, and of course turning Adam and Cringer into He-Man and Battlecat, we actually see He-Man blast Mosquitor with it and of course the ability to reverse Snake Face’s stone spell.

What they got wrong: I’m used to villains dumb enough to reveal their weakness only to have it happen. It’s lame but normal. But how did Snake Face know the Power Sword would reverse his spell, and I’m still calling him out on being dumb enough to blurt it out without prompting. Also, Orko’s hat is orange while his shirt is the usual maroon red it usually is. And Orko was as dismissive of Man-At-Arms being turned to stone as he was of Orko later. They seem to hate each other in Carlin’s version, which isn’t the real nature of their relationship. Yes, Orko gets on Duncan’s nerves sometimes but he still likes the little guy. Finally, Carlin must love his “terror-torries” pun because he uses it every chance he gets.

Recommendation: This one I really can’t recommend. It’s okay and there are parts I like but overall it just didn’t impress me. This is also the last of the Star Comics run that I have while I believe there are at least two more issues. This is also the last of the classic series outside of Free Comic Inside. Next week we start the adaptation of the re-imagined series from the 2000s.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m curious to see how Masters of the Universe was reimagined in the 2000s. I will say this….I do like the concept of a character named Mosquitor.


  2. Sean says:

    Thank you for your reviews on both the DC 80s and Star 80s comic book versions of Masters of the Universe. Based on your in depth reviews and also the fact I am more familiar with the characters featured in the DC version, I have made the decision that I will purchase the back issues of the 3 issue DC Masters of the Universe. That’s the version that will bring back my memories of MOTU in that time period of 1982 to 1984. See, your reviews are very helpful!


    • You have to remember that the Star run was later in the toyline’s run so there will be more new characters.


      • Sean says:

        Very true. What I figured out after doing research online about the MOTU action figures, and how they were organized by what year they came out, I now understand that I was collecting the action figures from 1982 to 1985. Mossman in 1985 must have been the last action figure I got. Because the actiion figures that were shown from 1986 onwards, I didn’t recognize at all. For example, I definitely don’t know anything about “The Horde”. To me, the “bad guys” in Masters of the Universe are Skeletor and his cronies. So for me, the DC comics would feature all familiar characters except there would be no Orko. By 1985, I must have fallen off from MOTU, because that year of 1985 was when I was deeply into Voltron, Tranzor Z, Robotech, and Thundercats. Japanese robot anime and anthromorphic (is the right term?) cats had won me over!


        • Sean says:

          Also, 1985…..Transformers and Go-Bots were also my interests! Sorry, how could I have forgotten that! So my interest in MOTU by 1985 had disappeared due to Voltron, Tranzor Z, Robotech, Thundercats, Go-Bots, and Transformers. With Voltron, Go-Bots, and Transformers, that interest had begun in 1984. Tranzor Z and Robotech came onto the scene in early 1985, and Thundercats arrived in late 1985. So by Jan. 1, 1986, MOTU wasn’t even on my mind any more due to all those other awesome creative properties that were available as comic books, cartoons, and toys.


        • Close: anthropomorphic. The Horde on the cartoon was shifted over to She-Ra’s show and it was probably best for both series.


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