Star Wars TOTJ Golden Age Of The Sith #4

“Do I really have to wear this thing?”

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi – The Golden Age Of The Sith #4

Dark Horse (January, 1997)

“Pawns Of A Sith Lord”
WRITER: Kevin J. Anderson
PENCILER: Dario Carrasco, Jr.
INKERS: Mark G. Heike, Bill Black, & David Jacob Beckett
COLORIST: Perry McNamee
COLOR SEPARATIONS: Judi T. Hann, Jon Fell, Tracy Buckner, Geneva Smith, & Daniel Jackson
COVER ART: Russell Walks
LETTERER: Willie Schubert
EDITOR: Bob Cooper

Naga is made the new Dark Lord, the leader of the Sith. However, his plans are not finished. Ludo is guarding Starbreaker 12 and Naga comes up with a plan to eliminate his enemies through more trickery, making it look like the Republic is responsible, yet planting evidence of his own part, hping Ludo and his supporters take the bait. Meanwhile, he has kept Gav and Jori at separate fortresses, secretly teaching Gav tricks (which I’m betting come from the Dark Side). Jori is happy to see their ship again, but Naga is happy to see this fortress being attacked. While this goes on, Teta tries to warn the others about the coming Sith Lords but nobody believes Odan-Urr’s visions.

What they got right: We get a bit of the ceremony to “crown” the new Dark Lord. Naga’s schemes are interesting to watch, as is Odan-Urr being outside of the library and seeing so many interesting things.

What they got wrong: Of course all those political chicanery moments were something fans complained about with the prequels and that’s basically what this miniseries, politics on the Dark Lord side. The same on the Republic side as nobody seems to believe Odan-Urr’s warning, even other Jedi.

Recommendation: This is has been worth a read but I’m starting to remember why I stopped collecting the “Tales Of The Jedi” series after this miniseries. While some of the history is interesting it’s not what I come to Star Wars for.


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