He still had a better time off than I did.

He still had a better time off than I did.

And now we’re all done with vacations. Jake spent more time with his family, and maybe visited his old friends in California. Maybe there’s a story there someday but it’s back to the usual commentaries and weak jokes.

Had a good time at ConnectiCon, even if events had me only going one day and leaving early. I also didn’t get to meet any of my friends who went this year but I was there with my cousin. She got Michael Dorn’s autograph, which she was happy about. I didn’t take many pictures because of my limited time; I went mostly video, which you’ll see before the week is out. Then I work on the few interviews I did and three episodes of BW Panelling, two of which involve Star Trek because that’s just how things happened this year. It’s better than nothing, right?

The Clutter Reports returns next week, possibly with a review due to not having time to clean anything between doctor visits and convention footage organizing. Plus my legs are killing me right now. Not much else to report. Anyone else go to ConnectiCon? How’d you like it?


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  1. Sean says:

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed ConnectiCon. Check out the pictures from it on the Hartford Courant’s website. 121 photos showing various cosplayers. The two cosplayers I was most impressed with in the Hartford Courant pics were the person dressed as the Penguin (not the Danny Devito version, the earlier version) and the person dressed as an Ewok. The Ewok costume was very cool! Did you see the Penguin or the Ewok during your travels around ConnectiCon?


  2. Sean says:

    What are some other neat cosplayers that you saw at ConnectiCon? Do check out the pics on the Hartford Courant’s web site. You’ll see that the Ewok costume was pretty impressive. Plus, the person wearing it was quite short in stature. Not certain if it was a kid or an adult.


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