That might not be Cass's current outfit but I think it's cool and I couldn't find an Orphan photo that wasn't her dead daddy.

That might not be Cass’s current outfit but I think it’s cool and I couldn’t find an Orphan photo that wasn’t her dead daddy.

I’m not sure why Clayface suddenly reformed and joined the team. Since they made Riddler a bad guy again (I blame Gotham, so another reason to dislike that show) I wonder why didn’t go with Killer Croc. I thought he was trying to protect at least certain people now. This shows how little attention I get to pay lately.

Thanks to the ConnectiCon videos and medical appointments almost every day this week, plus it being too hot to get the drive to do stuff, I didn’t get a Clutter Report done because I didn’t do any cleaning. I know what my next cleaning project is but I still want to do a review. Only one doctor visit this week and only one video, with a bit more editing and research I grant you, next on the schedule so hopefully I’ll get something done.

I don’t have time to play Pokemon Go, although I have put it on my phone’s wishlist from the app store, but I hear stories that are fun, funny, and occasionally tragic, sometimes in a good way (finding a dead body helps missing persons although it means a loved one has died and they had to see a dead body) and bad (“hey, there’s Pokemon here and I’m totally not going to mug you”) but overall I think it’s a good game. It gets kids out of the house, meet other players,  and learn a bit about their community or wherever they’re vacationing at. Just watch where you go. Using an old game meant for older players means finding Pokemon in seedier places. (“Are you recording our strippers?” “No, just catching a Bulbasaur.”) Play with caution, people.


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  1. Sean says:

    Pokemon Go is changing society as we know it.


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