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The Cartoonist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comic books owe a lot to New York (where they were made until the internet) and Connecticut (where they were published and many comic creators settled so they didn’t have to live in New York City). However, this article in the Washington Post points out how many cartoonists, whether strips or books, come out of Ohio. (Ohio is where my friend John “Comic Strip Critic” Weber, who linked this article on Facebook–thanks, John!–comes from.) It includes mainly an interview with Bone creator Jeff Smith, and includes a list of many other creators, like Bill Watterson and a good chunk of your morning paper’s cartoonists.

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  1. Sean says:

    I always knew that Ohio was home to many U.S. presidents, but I was not aware of how many comic/cartoon creators come from Ohio. Ohio truly nurtures a lot of talent. The cited possible reasons are interesting to think about indeed! It was cool to find out that the creator of the Mother Goose and Grimm cartoon is from OH.


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