Wonder Woman Frank Cho variant

Hey look, Wonder Woman is in the right colors and not carrying a sword! (I do like the updated bracers, though. Better than her old bracelets in convincing me she can block bullets with them.) However, Greg Rucka thought she’s showing too much skin, which is one of many complaints he had with Frank Cho’s variant covers. Variant covers are stupid to begin with, but this is how Wonder Woman is USUALLY depicted. Bleeding Cool has the news side while Four Color Media Monitor rightfully defends Cho (and Rucka’s decision to not work with serial staff molester Eddie Berganza) while agreeing with me that variant covers are lame anyway and below Cho’s excellent skills, as seen above.

Although I do wonder why she’s bending that way. You could make a case for the pose if it weren’t from this perspective. You can’t see her butt, although she is still bending in an angle that pushes her butt out for no reason. Still, I’m on Cho’s side on this one. My biggest problem is that it doesn’t appear connected to any comic story that might be inside, but that’s a universal issue with most modern comic covers.

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