Thundercats #3 (Star)

Panthro’s can-can lessons are really working for him.

Thundercats #3

Star Comics (Marvel; April, 1986)

“Siege In Silver And Stone”
WRITER: David Micheline
PENCILER: Jim Mooney
INKER: Breeding, Morgan, & Co, (beats me, that’s what they have here)
COLORIST: Nelson Yomtov
LETTERER: Janice Chiang
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

While on a run to get new Thundrillium supplies (Thundrillium being a substance Third Earth somehow has that Thundarians use as a power source for their machines, while Thundrainium weakens Thundarians), Panthro comes across a warrior woman under attack from rock people who claim she violated their land. While hiding in a cave Panthro learns Tessa acquired forbidden power to fend off a revenge attack by Mumm-Ra but now can’t control it. He comes up with a plan to drain off her power and use it to power the Thundertank, and they escape. Meanwhile, Lion-O learns when to use the Eye to summon help and when not to after failing to come to Panthro’s aid, just as something sucks Jaga away right in front of the young lord.

What they got right: I like seeing the warrior women show up. They could have been the Thundercats’ best allies against their enemies but they weren’t utilized much. (I think it was the small number of female voice actors, but that’s just an opinion. I don’t know the real reason.) The Rockmen are a good design and builds on Third Earth’s inhabitants. And this time the artist gets the Thundertank’s size and where the pilot sits right, unlike last issue. Lion-O also learns a good lesson and we possibly see the beginning of Mumm-Ra’s plan to snag Jaga also mentioned last issue. There’s continuity here.

What they got wrong: So what DID the warrior women do to get Mumm-Ra mad? It’s comes off as a forced wave-off that could have just been him getting mad at anyone who formed an alliance with the Thundercats, like the warrior women, Berbils, Snowman, and others as the series progressed. Instead, the way Tessa says it there is some secret behind what they did that either wasn’t good or just embarrassing. There’s a story there we’re missing.

Recommendation: A decent issue, that’s worth getting. It shows Micheline wasn’t competing with the show like so many adaptations I’ve read but not being afraid to build on it, either. As for Jaga’s fate, we’ll have to wait until I have income and a chance to get the issues I’m missing. We’ll be jumping to issue #7 next week, but I hope to come back to this series someday.

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  1. Sean says:

    I also liked how at the end of this issue, there was some interesting innuendo that Panthro said while having 2 of the warriior women by his side (he said something like “I always like Happy Endings”). When I was 12 years old reading that comic, I didn’t get the joke. But then rereading that comic book as an adult, I totally saw that the artist and writer were throwing in a little adult humor there! It totally went over my head reading it as a kid.

    That’s ironic….you have issue 7 but I don’t have issue 7. Issue 7 is the only issue of the original Thundercats comic book series I’m missing! So I do look forward to seeing your review of #7.


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