Thundercats #1 (Star)

“Hurry, guys, Silverhawks is coming on!”

Thundercats #1

Marvel/Star Comics (December, 1985)

“Survival Run!”
(adapted from the pilot episode “Exodus”)
ADAPTATION: David Micheline
PENCILER: Jim Mooney
INKER: Brett Breeding
COLORIST: Petra Scotese
EDITOR: Mike Carlin

The planet Thundera explodes in space, its former residents, the Thunderians, race to escape the dying planet in search of their new home. However, their enemies, the Mutants, attack, destroying the ships and targeting the lead ship, carrying the nobles of Thundera, the Thundercats. They seek the power of the Eye Of Thundera, nestled in the Sword Of Omens. However, aided by the sword, the boy king Lion-O manages to chase them off. However, the ship is damaged and while the others–Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, the twins Wilykit and Wilykat, and Lion-O’s nursemaid Snarf–go into suspended hibernation the wise elder Jaga pilots the ship to the nearest planet, Third Earth, as old age claims him. Now as a spirit, Jaga instruction the now grown Lion-O in using the Sword Of Omens to awaken the Thundercats and chase off the mutants one more time. During their escape they are brought down by the power of a living mummy calling himself Mumm-Ra. Our heroes are in for even more trouble in the future.

What they got right: As adaptations go this worked very well. You get the important events, and with the space allowed it all fits.

What they got wrong: That last scene, however, came from the start of the next episode, which also had Lion-O and Snarf making friends with another group of space refugees, the Ro-Bear Berbils. They show up next issue but if you’re going to adapt the origin story, get both episodes. Instead they stuffed a truncated scene of Mumm-Ra and the Mutants teaming up just to have it here.

Recommendation: This is not a substitute for the episode, although this came out just as home video releases were a thing. In fact “Exodus” was one of the first VHS tapes we rented when we got our first VCR. Still, if you want the complete set I do recommend getting this and it’s a fair introduction to the original series.


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  1. Sean says:

    Yes, I’ve found that the Thundercats comic adaptations of the episodes were mostly similar but there were small differences when compared with the television episodes. When I was a kid, the first issue I got of Thundercats was issue 2. So that was my intro to the comic series. I ended up getting issue 1 a few months later at the comic store. In fact, I think I actually bought Thundercats issue 2 at the pharmacy that sold milk shakes in our town! (gee, you don’t see pharmacies selling those anymore!)


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