Legion Of Superheroes #61

“How can I have so much trouble finding someone in a white void?”

Legion Of Super-Heroes #61

DC Comics (September, 1994)

End Of An Era finale: “Borrowed Time!”
WRITERS: Tom McCraw & Mark Waid
PENCILER: Stuart Immonen
INKER: Ron Boyd
LETTERER: Bob Pinaha
EDITOR: KC Carlson

I needed the linked-to Wikipedia entry (thankfully the link-finding service WordPress teams with happened to make the connection) to follow what’s going on. It really didn’t help. I don’t know how much negative influence Zero Hour was on this series, which ended here (although I do have an issue of Legionnaires somewhere in my collection. I’ll explain what happened best I can and try to review it, but this isn’t going to be your normal comic review.

The Legion and their time-displaced counterparts are stranded on Pocket-Earth and trying to explain why it’s going to go boom and the consciousness of Mordru or whatever is better left to someone who understands all that. Rokk Krin shows up with the Time Trapper, who turns out to be a third incarnation of him, which is a huge revelation to the fans but I get this feeling that it makes no sense. Since this whole arc is no longer canon I’d say I’m probably right. Anyway, Trapper Krin claims he has been trying to stop the events of Zero Hour from reaching and altering this time period, but the attempt drove him mad. Now sane again for…reasons, the only solution is for those who still have counterparts to sacrifice themselves and reboot their time period. How does that work? I doubt even Legion fans can answer that. He also brings one of the dead counterparts back for reasons and the heroes make the sacrifice, with the two versions of the original three Legionnaires giving some speech about family before making contact and entering the vortex.

So what the heck happened here? Recalling things I’ve heard, I think DC wanted to reboot the 30th century. Some of it still operated as the future of the pre-Crisis DCU, right down to the inspiration of Superboy even though John Byrne took the opportunity of Crisis On Infinite Earths to get rid of Superman’s teen adventures, because that was a thing Byrne loved doing, taking control of the origin. (Look what he tried to do with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus in Chapter One.) This would be a clean restart and the heck with whatever plans the writers had, which had become a trend at DC recently. (I think DiDio needs to stop taking the bad lessons away from DC’s past as a good idea.) If this is the first Legion Of Super-Heroes comic you see, put it back and find a better starting point because you won’t have a clue what’s going on, and I’m not convinced the fans did, either.

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