Transformers Universe The Wreckers #2 Extended

“NO! Not another one, Grimlock!”

Transformers Universe: The Wreckers #2

3H (Summer, 2004)

The Wreckers: “Betrayal”
WRITERS: Glen Hallit & Rob Gerbracht
PENCILER: Dan Khanna
INKERS: Chuck Gibson, Terry Pallot, Hi-Fi Design
COLORING: Hi-Fi Design
LETTERING: Yes Abbot, Richard Starkings, & Comicraft
“Primeval Dawn”
WRITER: Simon Furman

For the most part I already reviewed this comic last week. Transformers Universe got its cue from the sidebar toyline at the time. Issue #2 of the Wreckers convention comic was republished and from the credit it looks like either the comic was re-inked and colored or maybe the altered credits reflect the new scene that was added as well as the second chapter of Primeval Dawn. Since I already reviewed the rest of it (the first link), I’ll only be quickly looking at the additions.

“Betrayal” adds a two page prologue showing Rodimus sending the survey team on their mission, despite the objections of Skids, Perceptor, and Kup. However, Glyph and Tap-Out seem ready to go. During their survey of Archa Nine they decide there’s nothing there of note, but then their Transwarp Drive explodes. (The narration makes an offhand comment about the planet being offended, which I’m sure isn’t literal but makes me wonder if there’s some other reason the drive exploded besides mechanical failure). The ship crashlands with only Glyph and Tap-Out surviving. I don’t think this scene was really necessary since Glyph still tells this to the Wreckers just like she did in the previous version. It’s still nice seeing some of the old bots of my youth, though. One positive change is the fixing of Cryotek’s final line about conquering time itself, and it’s actually in the font. In the original comic this line was hard to read based on how dark it was and the letters blending together. They fixed that for this version, which is appreciated.

In our second tale we go back to just after the Beast Wars as Primal Prime, Tigatron, and Airrazor go looking for any leftover storage pods. They do find Ramulus, but Tarrantulas and Ravage have already gotten to two other status pods in the area, bringing Spittor (somehow already one of the three new Transmetal 2 Transformers, including Ramulus, despite the show saying you needed a special device), Razorclaw (the only non-Transmetal 2), and Iguanus under Predacon control. As his new Predacon army attacks the other three, Tarrantulas uses his new Vok-powers against Primal Prime, stealing the Matrix Of Leadership the Vox planted in him for safe keeping. Wait, is that what happened in the first issue? I thought they just borrowed some power from it. I wish Bob Forward had stayed on this. While Simon doesn’t break out his usual “Furmanism” his way of making people talk, which I now realize was also missing from his Dreamwave run–are we sure it was the same Simon Furman?, is there and as stilted as usual. It’s still pretty good, but I’m betting because it was short.

Overall, I’m glad to see more “Primeval Dawn” and the fixed font, and the addition of convention exclusive figures character profiles (in the form of the style Dreamwave was using at the time) was good but otherwise the changes are so minimal they could have just gone right to issue #3 instead of reprinting this book. Maybe there’s a reason for it. Once I’m done with the unpublished Energon I’m going to revisit this because I found some interesting information as to what was happening behind the scenes. Next week is the third issue, though.

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