Transformers The Wreckers #2

“Curse Grimlock and his stupid kegger!”

Transformers: The Wreckers #2

3H (Botcon 2002)

WRITERS: Glen Hallit & Rob Gerbracht
ARTIST: Dan Khanna
INKERS/COLORING: Dreamwave Productions
LETTERING: Yes Abbot, Richard Starkings, & Comicraft
EDITORS: Glen Hallit & Dan Khanna

The Dinobots are ambushed, while the Mutants find themselves victims of the Quintessons and their new ally, Cryotek. The Wreckers are in slightly better shape, not only because Devcon injured Fractyl before being calmed down, but because there is a traitor among their ranks. Their ship is in danger of exploding and Packrat launches the bridge section, leaving Sonar, Spittor, and the Deployers to be blown up, earning him the ire of his fellow Wreckers. However, they manage to arrive at their destination, a planet Rodimus (back when he was Prime) sent a survey team to, only for them to never be heard from again. Apelinq uses his abilities to create a medical unit called CatSCAN to save Fractyl’s life. Our heroes also find the lost surveyors, Glyph and Tap-Out, who are studying an artifact of great power, which is stolen and Rotorbot slagged. Suspecting Packrat due to his thieving days, the Wreckers race back to the ship only to see Packrat scrapped and Cyclonus escaping with the artifact. Devcon is given back his old body from the TV show and he gives chase, while it is revealed to the readers that Cyclonus is working with Cryotek on a mission to conquer time itself!

What they got right: With so many new characters created for that year’s Botcon to be added, plus old characters still in the story, I thought it was balanced out well enough. There are greater mysteries unfolding. CatSCAN could be an homage to the holographic Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager, and despite how weak that show was it’s a need nod.

What they got wrong: There have to be fans of the Beast Machines version of the Dinobots and the Mutant Beast Wars figures (which includes me), so seeing them killed off (especially the Mutants, who were fed to the Sharkticons) really sucks.

Recommendation: This isn’t bad considering there was a year between comics but it’s still a good story and I wonder where it was intended to go and where it did go before 3H stopped running Botcon? Give this comic a look if you can find it.


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