Your first mistake: messing with Da Bee!

Transformers: Generation One volume 3 #2

Dreamwave (February, 2004)

“Black Sunlight”
WRITER: Brad Mick
PENCILER: Don Figueroa
INKER: Elaine To
COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo

The glowing Seeker calling himself Sunstorm has no problem dispatching the other Decepticons but Bruticus is taken out by the arriving Autobots. As Sunstorm attacks the Autobot ship, Starscream beats it for the Nemesis. However, Sunstorm (who refers to Starscream as “brother”) goes after Starscream, wanting to win him particularly to his cause, even though the other Seekers don’t get the reward, never mind other Decepticons. As the Autobots repair their ship Starscream manages to escape Sunstorm with the aid of another new resident aboard the ship. Later, the Autobots get a visitor from Starscream and that resident: Jetfire! (Or Skyfire, I’m not sure which name they’re going with right now.)

What they got right: I’m assuming we’ll learn why Sunstorm is obsessed with Starscream. There are some fun moments, like Bumblebee, Ratchet and Cliffjumper getting on Brawn’s case for walloping on the deactivated Bruticus. Just light moments in an intense situation.

What they got wrong: First four out of the five Dinobots and now Jet/Skyfire. How many Autobots did Megatron shove into a giant tube anyway? Also, the cover is a lie. At best Bumblebee ordered Cliffjumper to blast Bruticus with the shuttle’s cannon, and Brawn pounded on him. Bumblebee never holds a giant cannon to Bruticus’s head. The comic would have been 100 times more awesome if he had, but he doesn’t.

Recommendation: Still enjoying this comic. Give it a look.


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