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Masters Of The Universe #4


Image Comics/MV Creations (March, 2003)

“The Shard Of Darkness” part 4

WRITER: Val Staples

PENCILERS: Emiliano Santalucia & Enza Fontana

INKER: Marco Failla

COLORISTS: Val Staples & Kevin Senft

COLOR ASSISTS: Shaynne Corbett & Mark Sweeney

SELECTED COVER ART: Eliliano Santalucia, Marco Failla, & Val Staples

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

EDITORS: Heather Schneider, Jeremy Padawer, Geoff Walker, & Ricardo Crespo

Skeletor has Evil-Lyn and Trapjaw locked up for their trechery, as Tri-Klops betrayed them to Skeletor. Man-At-Arms arrives with a fleet of warriors, while Skeletor attempts to tap into the Crystal, but it instead chooses He-Man as its vessel. Within He-Man/Adam’s mind the spirit of the Crystal takes over He-Man’s form, leaving Adam to fight against it…and win! With the spell broken He-Man destroys the Crystal…but there’s a still a shard left, somewhere in the reaches of Snake Mountain, perhaps to be found for another day.

What they got right: The Sorceress is right. By not trusting He-Man (or Adam) to resist the Crystal, a lot of soldiers died in the battle to rescue him. While I think Man-At-Arms has a point about needed to save him from that drop when the Crystal explodes after He-Man wacks it with the Power Sword, maybe she’s also right that he could have saved himself. The art is good and I’m trying to do energy effects like the ones here, with a nice glow to them.

What they got wrong: I know it was just in Adam’s mind where the battle took place and the Crystal only took the power of He-Man, but are we being told He-Man’s body is separate from He-Man’s? I just don’t want another Billy Batson/Captain Marvel debate. It’s the closest thing to a complaint I have.

Recommendation: This is not the last of the He-Man comics from MV Creations in this continuity. As for this miniseries/trade, I recommend it. It’s better than the DC reboot I was reading and still don’t miss and I still enjoyed it.


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  1. Sean says:

    Yes, these Masters of the Universe comics from Image sound awesome. I will keep these in mind as ones I could purchase if I stumble upon them at a comic store.


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