Not to be confused with the Thundercats phone book.

Thundercats Sourcebook

Wildstorm (January, 2003)

WRITER: Ford Lytle Gilmore

COVER ART: Arthur Adams & Carrie Strachan

(also featuring various artists)

DESIGN: Larry Berry


EDITOR: Jeff Mariotte

Let’s be honest; this less of a “sourcebook” and more of an art book with descriptions of the characters. Numerous artists and art teams contribute to different characters or in some cases character groupings. This is both a good and bad thing. The art ranges from really good to decent to “what the hell did you do to the second group of Thundercats?”, but thankfully the good outweighs the bad.

Gilmore will be writing the first two Thundercats miniseries we’ll be looking at in the Wildstorm run (although the next two reviews are actually anthology tales before we get to those miniseries) so he’s obviously showing off he either really loves this series or is a darn good researcher. He does treat Mandora’s “soap gun” as a regular weapon rather than one she used once on a creature made of muck, but that shows how well he knows this series. On the other hand he does note that Snarf is actually a good member of the team, as he was well before the series ended.

My one big complaint though is that if this is a character profile book for fans who either haven’t watched Thundercats in years or people new to the series, it’s not handled well in the layout. Instead of grouping the Thundercats together, then the enemies, and then the allies, or putting them in alphabetical order, they’re just tossed in wherever the person putting it together felt like, which hurts the flow. There’s also the choice of allies used. Mandora and Hachiman only appeared a few times between the four seasons it aired, even less so when the show moved from Third Earth to New Thundera, and from the text we know this takes place some time after the move. However, long time allies from Third Earth, like the Warrior Maidens or Robear Berbils are noticeably absent, as are allies made on New Thundera, like (I forget her name off-hand) the Thundercat who runs the gyroscope holding the planet together. And yet all the recurring and regular baddies have their day.

Overall, unless you want a comic-sized Thundercats art book or a complete Thundercats library, there’s really no reason to track this down for your collection. Nowadays you can get this information and probably more on a fan site or fan wiki or by just buying the DVDs.


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  1. Sean says:

    The Thundercats wiki site contains tons of detailed information about the Thundercats universe. You’re right….there really is no reason to track down this particular back issue. I have found the Thundercats wiki side to be very useful for learning much about the Thundercats universe. It’s an excellent research tool when you want to learn more about characters, episodes, geographical locations on Third Earth, etc. Also, it is a shame that the Warrior Maidens were never featured in the Star Comics run or in the toyline. They played an important role and significant contributions in several episodes from the first season.


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