“What’s that bird dropping?”

Mobile Police Patlabor #4

Viz  Comics (1997)

originally published by Shogakukan, Inc


ENGLISH ADAPTATION: Yuji Oniki & Annette Roman


COVER DESIGN: Viz Graphics

EDITOR: Julie Davis

Well, it’s taken four issues but the Ingram Patrol Labors are finally on their way. When they arrive Section 2 hurries to get their Patlabors set-up, while the two final members, Mikiyasu Shinshi and Hiromi Yamazaki, report for duty. A new labor crime, using a submersible Labor created by Shinohara’s dad’s company, is on the loose. Section 1 is sent out with their outdated Patlabors but Section 2 gets their top-of-the-line models ready to join the battle.

What they got right: Finally getting the Labors in. Japan likes to take forever to get to the good part. (Just watch the first season of the original Digimon. I actually got bored with the show waiting for an explanation to anything, even a slight hint!) We also get the rest of our cast and their first assignment.

What they got wrong: While I don’t think they had to wait for the Ingrams to arrive in order to get character introductions, at least we got it. All we know about the new guys is that Shinshi is smart and Yamazaki is really tall, especially for a Japanese man. Meanwhile we met Noa right in the start and we had enough time to learn Shinohara is sexist and Ota is Dirty Harry without the restraints. So…Sledge Hammer then. Also, now I want to see Terminator Versus Rambo and I’m wondering if that was from the original Japanese or added by the translation team.

Recommendation: So far still fun. Still recommending this series.


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