For whatever reason I don’t have the second and third issue of Transformers Universe, if they were even published. So I guess we move on to the next one. Fun Publications took over at this point. The comic also served as a program guide, although I believe this changes as we go on, for Botcon. It includes a story that, like 3H, promotes the con-exclusive toys that are repaints of other toys, some of which are classic characters in new bodies and some of which are brand new characters.


I either don’t remember spending $10 on this little comic or I was really disappointed.

Transformers Timelines #1

Fun Publications (2005)

“Descent Into Evil”

WRITER: Ben yee

PENCILERS: Dan Khanna & Makoto Ono

INKERS: Cuck Gibson, Ted Pertzborn & Makoto Ono

COLORISTS: Krista Wars & Espen Grundetjern

COVER ART: Chris Appel

LETTERING: Junemoon Studio


Deathsaurus is creating Insecticon clones as part of the Tripredicus Council’s goal of recreating the Decepticon Empire (or maybe that’s just Deathsaurus’s goal?). A group of Autobots–Fallback, Chromia, Ricochet, and Flareup (a name that feels more Decepticony to me, but I blame the Crohn’s)–try to destroy the lab, but are attacked by the clones, the Insecticon Dirge (a namesake, not the G1 Decepticon…I think), and by Tripredicus himself. Two more Autobots, Ratchet and Ironhide, come after them but are also defeated, this time by double agent Flamewar. However, Ricochet managed to escape the first battle, rescuing his friends and putting a virus in the clone recipe, rendering the Insecticons eventually useless. As Flamewar reports back to the Tripredicus Council, the call is interrupted by Bumblebee, revealing Ricochet’s virus as well as making Flamewar a liability to the Predicons because she’s now discovered. Correction: she’s now space debris.

What they got right: I like the Energon figure, Tow-Line, used for Ironhide and Ratchet. It matches up with their G1 toys. The art is good and the story well-told.

What they got wrong: I still don’t understand Autobots existing during the Beast Wars/Machine period. (The story really doesn’t specify, but since Yee started his website after Beast Wars and even consulted on the later seasons, I’m betting that’s the period.) Why wouldn’t this just be some experiment during the original war since everyone’s an Autobot or Decepticon anyway?

Recommendation: Hopefully this comic isn’t $10 anymore because it’s not worth that price, to me anyway. Maybe if there’s some historical significance for collectors, but if you can get it at a decent comic book price, it’s worth picking up.


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